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Spiritism for Kids - Célia Xavier Camargo - Portuguese  Spanish
Year 9 - N° 451 - February 7, 2016

Johnny Silveira - silveirajohnny@yahoo.com


How would Jesus
Like me to act?


Nine year-old Lucy had learned from her parents that upon waking up in the morning she should say a prayer thanking Jesus for the new day and asking for support to act always well with everyone.

So Lucy said her prayer and confidently got out of bed sure that that day all would be well. She felt cheerful and in good spirits. She got ready, had breakfast and said goodbye to her mother. As she was leaving, however, she remembered that she needed to bring ten bucks, as her teacher had asked them, in order to pay for the shuttle ride that they would take the following week.

Her mother gave her the ten bucks and said:

- Honey, do not walk around with this money in your hand. Keep it in your backpack.

- Do not worry, Mom, I'll put it away - And with a smile she waved from the gate already walking to school.

Lucy walked down the street happily. When passing by a tree she saw a man leaning against it and noticed that he looked at her with interest. He had seen the ten bucks she still held in her hand. He walked towards her with his arm outstretched, snatched the note and ran off.

Frightened, the girl began to scream. People passing by stopped, wondering what had happened. In tears, she pointed to the man running.

A man coming in the opposite direction looked at the ragged who ran toward him and, at the same time, saw the girl crying. He had no doubt. He grabbed the poor man as hard as he could and began to shout:

- Police! Police! Help! Thief!… - and dragged the man toward the crying girl. A police car that passed by stopped to see what was happening. The man holding the thief said:

- He stole from that girl!

The police officers got out of the car and asked the girl if it was true what the gentleman had said. Lucy, red from crying, looked at the thief and saw so much fear in his eyes, as if he begged her for her silence. Then she remembered Jesus and thought, "If I were in his shoes, how would I like him to act with me?"

Her heart was filled with pity for that poor ragged man, who looked hungry and might have stolen the money to buy food. Suddenly, Lucy noted that she still had not answered the police officer’s question and they were waiting. She looked at
the thief, then to the policeman and said:

- I was the one who gave the ten bucks to him.

- But you were crying... - said the gentleman who grabbed the ragged man.

- I was crying because I took a tumble and was in pain.

The policemen were not convinced, but released the guy, who ran away.

Lucy went to school and apologised to her teacher claiming she forgotten the money and that she would bring it the next day. She was at peace with her conscience.

A week later, a man rang the doorbell of Lucy's house. Her mother answered:

- I would like to speak to your daughter, ma'am.

The mother invited him to come in and sit down. Then she called Lucy, telling her that a man wanted to talk to her. On seeing him, the girl did not recognise him. He explained:

- Don’t you remember me? It was me who stole your money the other day.

- Ah! I did not recognise you. You're so different!...

- That’s true. At that moment, I was desperate, unemployed, I had no money and needed to buy food and medicine for my daughter who was sick. When I saw that money in your hand, I could not resist and I stole it - explained the man, full of shame.

Lucy's mother's eyes widened in alarm. She was unaware of what had happened. Her daughter had said that she had lost the money. The man cried, moved as he noticed that even the girl’s mother ignored what had happened. Then he

told them his reason:

- Thanks to your daughter, I was not arrested. Conscious of having done the wrong thing, I started to act differently. I went home, took a shower, put on clean clothes and went out to look for employment. God helped me and soon I was working again. So, I came back to return what your daughter gave me.

He took ten bucks from his pocket and handed it to the girl:

- Thank you, little girl. You taught me a great lesson, and I needed it. It was Jesus who helped me through your hands, because it would not be that way that I would solve my problems. I will never forget what you did for me.

He stood up and hugged her, in tears, saying he would like to be friends. Lucy smiled and nodded:

- Jesus helped me too. When I woke up that morning, I had asked Him to help me do the best I could do that day. In fact, Jesus helped us both!

They became great friends and always told people how they had met, saying that Jesus will always help us, but we need to learn to understand His will.


(Psychographed by Celia X. de Camargo on 28/09/2015.)


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