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Interview Portuguese Spanish    
Year 9 - N° 434 - October 4, 2015
Matão, SP (Brasil)
Leonardo Rocha - l.rocha1989@gmail.com

Sinézio Augusto Griman:

“The Spiritist motto ‘Love
one another and educate yourselves’ has been neglected among us”

Our fellow Spiritist from the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais talks
about his research work and his efforts to try to dig out the
history of Spiritism. He also talks about the obstacles
he has faced along the way

Sinézio Augusto Friman (photo), born in the Brazilian city of Juiz de Fora, lives in Volta Redonda, in the state of Rio de Janeiro. He works there as a volunteer for the Spiritist Group União, Fraternidade e Amor (Union, Fraternity and Love). He became a Spiritist in 1971, more than 40 years ago. Since retiring, he has been able to dedicate a

great deal of his time to research the history of Spiritism. That is the main issue discussed in this interview: 

When and how did you become interested in the history of Spiritism?

It began in 1985, when I looked up for biographical information on fellow Spiritists. I found basically the same information everywhere. People were just copying one another instead of doing their own research. In 1991 I met Divaldo Franco in Rio and he encouraged me to follow that path. In the beginning I had big projects and big dreams, imagining I would get a lot of support from fellow Spiritists. But gradually I began downsize my dreams and now I have to accept reality.

What was the main lesson you have learned from all those years of research?

I can say there are now a few more Spiritists concerned about this issue, but they are not too many. The lack of resources and, frankly, interest for this task is alarming. What I have done over the years can be described more as compilation than proper research, which demands persistency, time and financial resources. That is probably why some of the best research you get on Spiritism is done in academic institutions. But I often tell my friends in Spiritism that I am not short of time or passion.

In the beginning, prejudice against Spiritism was the main obstacle for its growth? What is the main obstacle now for people to actually live Spiritism?

My opinion in that subject is a bit restricted, as I am not really aware of what is going on in other Brazilian states. From my experience, however, I would say that the Spiritist motto ‘Love one another and educate yourselves’ has been neglected among us. I am not talking about love or fraternity, only about the principle of respecting different opinions. I give myself the right of having a particular view of Spiritism, but I respect different opinions, even though I might not agree with them.

Is there anything from all those years in the Spiritist Movement that you would like to share with us?

My meeting with Divaldo Franco enabled me to meet a unique person. I am not talking here about the famous public speaker, or even the great medium. I am talking about the man Divaldo, a true Spiritist in every sense of the word. I remember I did some printing work for him a while ago. It was nothing special, but he praised me so much and made me feel so important! It was a lesson I have never forgotten. I must express here my full gratitude for those days of friendship and fraternity.

What could we do, in the Spiritist Movement, to improve the level of our events and activities?

We should disseminate Spiritism based on the core works of Allan Kardec.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

The main object of my research are photographs connected to Spiritism and its history. I have more than 5,000 pictures, which I have sent to friends in the Spiritist Movement. I have also focused on the work of Allan Kardec. My work, “Paris in the time of Allan Kardec,” is available on DVD, free of charge for those who show interest. My email for contact is augustogriman@gmail.com.


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