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Spiritism for Kids - Célia Xavier Camargo - Portuguese  Spanish
Year 8 - N° 370 – July 6, 2014

Johnny Silveira - silveirajohnny@yahoo.com


Grandpa's prescription


Twelve year-old Olav was a kid who was always unhappy with his life. He complained about everything and always found problems in the smallest things.

If the day was cloudy, he would complain about the lack of sun. If he fell and got hurt, he would blame the sidewalk or whatever was around. If his mother had prepared chicken for lunch, he would complain that she had not cooked pasta, and so on.

Olav, despite having a good life and not lack anything, was always angry, wishing everything was different.

One day he began to experience weakness, unwellness and body aches. Concerned, his parents took him to the doctor

who after examining him said:

- The symptoms that Olav shows may have various origins. He must take his medication for the pain and stay in bed. It may happen that a disease shows up.

The doctor gave them the prescription, telling them to return should there be any change in the child's state. The father thanked him and they returned home, worried.

Olav lied down and began demanding them to bring him whatever he wanted. His parents jumped at all his whims but his condition did not improve. The pains continued, despite the medication he was taking.

Grandpa Antonio came to visit them when he learned that his grandson was not well. He observed Olav without saying a word. One afternoon, he entered the room, sat down to keep him company and asked his grandson how he was feeling. Olav seized the opportunity to complain:

- Ah! Grandpa, I'm really bad! Not only I feel pain all over my body, I'm here all alone! No one keeps me company.

- But your parents are always here! And what about your brother, Carlos? And your friends, schoolmates, and neighbours? - considered the grandfather surprised.

- Grandpa, everyone deserted me. Mom and Dad are always busy; my brother goes to school, as well as my neighbours! And I'm alone. Nobody comes to visit me! - said the boy doing crying face.

The grandfather, who thought his grandson's complaints were a bit strange, gave an excuse:

- Maybe they are all very busy. Be patient, everything will get better.

And his grandfather stayed in the room keeping Olav company for a few hours. To pass the time, he picked up a book from the shelf and suggested they read it together. Olav responded:

- No way, Grandpa! I find books boring. I'd rather play checkers.

The grandfather agreed and went to get the game. They began to play but when Olav started losing, he very angrily began to scream and ended up throwing the board on the floor.

- Calm down, Olav! It's just a game! - said the grandfather trying to calm Olav down as he picked up the pieces that had fallen on the floor, and full of patience inquired:

- Would you like to do something else?

Olav answered that he did not; he would like something to eat. They called and soon came the maid to see what he wanted.

- I want chocolate ice cream with jelly beans on top - demanded the boy.

- Olav, we have the ice cream but not the jelly beans.

- Well, do as I say, you useless thing. Later on, I will want a hot dog, do you hear?

The girl left the room hanging her head, upset. Seeing that scene, the grandfather replied:

- Olav, you cannot treat people like that. This is a very good and kind girl who deserves our respect. She's here because she needs to work, not to be abused!

And so, grandpa Antonio observed for three days and saw that his grandson was a demanding, crabby and irritable boy, who would become unpleasant when his wants were not answered. He talked with his son, Olav's father, and learned that he was always like that. Everyone had to bow to his will.

The next day, the grandfather entered the room, sat on the bed and asked:

- Olav, do you know why you're sick?

- No, Grandpa. I would like to know because I want to get better but I seem to be getting worse!

- It's true - the old man agreed. - Do you really want to get better? So we should change your medication. Do you accept it?

- Yes, Grandpa! Have you discovered which illness I got?

- I have. You are suffering because of the way you act, because of your irritability, grumpiness and anger, that have infected your body causing you to get ill. If you change your behaviour, you will recover. When the soul is not well, the body gets ill.

- Wow! I'm scared!

- You will get better. So to start, we will say a prayer every morning and evening. Then learn to treat everyone well; greet them with a good morning, good afternoon or good evening. You will say “thank you”, “sorry”, “excuse me” and “could you please”.

Surprised, the boy agreed, wondering:

- Anything else, Grandpa?

- Yes. Always smile! But the most important, my grandson, is that you change your thoughts. Always try to think good things and your actions will be good. Remember that all people like to be treated well, like you do. So, if in doubt, put yourself in their place, as recommended by Jesus, and you will have the answer you need to act properly. Ah! And do not mention to your parents what we're doing.

From that day Olav began to change and the response was immediate. No more symptoms and everyone noticed the changes that had taken place in him. And glad, he would say:

- It was grandpa Antonio's prescription...!

When Olav's mother asked her father-in-law what he did to get the child totally cured of the pain and have a better behaviour, Antonio said:

- Nothing but what Jesus recommends us. To put ourselves in the other person's place and ask: if I were in their shoes, how would I like that they acted towards me?


(Psychographed by Celia X. de Camargo on 21/04/2014.)



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