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Year 10 - N° 480 - August 28, 2016

Guarulhos, SP (Brasil)


Eleni Frangatos - eleni.moreira@uol.com.br


Wagner Ideali

Spirituality and Profession

Many workers of the Doctrine, as well as of other religious structures, always face these dilemmas:

• How much will I devote myself to the spiritual work and how to reconcile it with my profession?

• How to reconcile my professional, family, inner changes, spiritual work and social life?

It seems easy to answer, but it is not. I believe that no one in the world has a straight and forward answer to this decision.

There are answers supported by psychological and philosophical contexts, and even of a practical nature, but our purpose is to try to reach a balance point in our analysis, however within a Spiritism-Christian context.

All we seek is health and prosperity. Health is certainly a blessing from God, but when we are not balanced, either mentally, psychologically or spiritually, we may acquire health problems, which appear to "call our attention to the fact that something is not right".

No doubt it is not only with physical health that we find balance in our lives, because we see many people, who are "physically healthy", but empty, with no deeper content.

We are beings, who have several peculiarities and need: health, spirituality, work to reach our personal achievements and, of course, relationships, social life and also welfare.

Is wealth inconsistent with spiritual evolution?

We have learned, within the religious world, about a controversial issue in which wealth is often seen as something harmful to our spiritual evolution and that we should limit ourselves to live without financial resources, i. e., we have always been taught to live a simple life regarding the material part, because, if not, we would find difficulty in evolving by living a more complex life, full of social and financial commitments. 

The commitment to a spiritual work, the need of an inner reform with love and all noble feelings, as well as the professional work for our maintenance, wealth, and personal fulfillment, need to work together and they merge into a single thing - the evolution of our Spirit. 

When we talk about prosperity, the matter takes an interesting turn. Let us see:


• A decent wealth results from a decent work; it is not a wealth obtained with less dignity; the income comes from a right work that gives us the satisfaction of a duty accomplished and the pleasure of doing this.

• You don’t have to be a Spiritist, or a follower of any other religion. You just have to be a righteous, responsible, and honest being, and have the awareness to treat those that are below you in the same way you treat those that are above you.

• Full prosperity requires that we have an inner deep concept of total quality. The question is: What is total quality according to a Spiritist point of view? 

With regard to our neighbor, what did Jesus recommend us?

At this point the words of Jesus speak louder when He tells us: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.

This principle summarizes each and every higher concept of a responsible work and therefore, with no doubt, the obtainment of an everlasting prosperity.

Spiritist principles teach us that acting with ethics and love in our profession we will develop some important features such as:

  • Humbleness to understand our limits and control our pride in asking for help;
  • Carry out our responsibilities with love. This will undoubtedly provide us with a greater effectiveness and efficiency and additionally more satisfaction with the results achieved;

•  We will not feel guilty and our conscience will be clear if at the end we do not reach our purpose, or our desired goal;

•  The so-called existential emptiness will pass by us, since we will have a lot more to do: to think, analyze, and accomplish;

• Let us take action, and work from the simplest to the most complex activity, and let us always do everything with love, dedication and responsibility. 

The Doctrine strongly emphasizes the need to pray and ask the Spirituality to help us regarding our health, emotional and sentimental difficulties. Why can we not ask the greatest spiritual mentors to also help us in our profession by giving us intuition? Surely, if we are on the right path, the help will come.

"God always works, why will I not go and work?" – So said the Master Jesus once. 

Mediumship is not exclusive of Spiritism

Emmanuel once said: "Those who have high goals in their activities will never run into a miserable failure". We might not reach our goal, but we know that God exists, that He sees everything under a different point of view and that sometimes it is still not the right time, or it is better to be as we are, or there are some other placements, which we do not understand at the time. Let us be patient to accept what cannot be changed and always move forwards.

Both the dedication to our professional and spiritual work can be fully accomplished together, when we consider our priorities, and go through an inner search for what we really want, and always establish greater targets in our lives.  Let us recall that Paul of Tarsus worked as a weaver for his daily survival, and at night he performed his redeeming spiritual work, having become a milestone for Humanity.

The Spiritist knows that there is an important tool in his life to help him and it is called mediumship. Not the ostensive mediumship, but it exists in us in a subtle state.

We must accept that mediumship is not exclusive of Spiritism or of Spiritist Centers; it is a human ability that is with us all the time and we can therefore use it to connect ourselves to a Larger World to intuitively get help to solve all our difficulties, according to our merits and our personal effort.

A Spiritist is to put in practice, every day of his life, love, humility, patience, perseverance, courage and so many other noble sentiments regarding his spiritual and physical life, at home, at the Spiritist Centre, in society and why not in his professional environment too.

Let us live each day.

Every experience in our lives can and must add to our spiritual structure.

Always learn, love our neighbor and ourselves, and of course always work in every way of life. May the peace of the Master Jesus be with all of us.



The Gospel According to Spiritism (Allan Kardec)

The Book of Spirits (Allan Kardec)

The Conscious Self (Joanna de Angelis, a psychographic by Divaldo Franco)

Dawn of a new era (Manoel Philomeno de Miranda, a psychographic by Divaldo Franco)

Psychic Safeness (Miramez, a psychographic by João Nunes Maia)
The Compassionate Life (Dalai Lama)


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