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Interview Portuguese Spanish    
Year 10 - N° 480 - August 28, 2016
Matão, SP (Brasil)
Leonardo Rocha - l.rocha1989@gmail.com

Wilson Frungilo Júnior: 

“By working to help other people we learn to live life, to understand it and to love it” 

The President of IDE, the Institute of Spiritist Dissemination, talks about his project to publicize the Teachings through literature

Wilson Frungilo Júnior (photo), a Spiritist since 1974, lives in his hometown of Araras, in the Brazilian state of São Paulo, where he is holds the post of President of IDE, the Institute of Spiritist Dissemination.  An author of several books, now retired from the banking sector, he talks in this interview about his experience ahead of the well-

known publishing house. 

How did you become a Spiritist? 

It was very simple. It happened when, in 1974, I read one of the books dictated by the Spirit, André Luiz to the medium, Francisco Cândido Xavier: E a Vida Continua... (And Life Goes On...). I had borrowed the book from a work colleague, Franciso Sanches Lopes, to whom I am eternally grateful for giving me the first and elucidatory explanations about Spiritism. 

And how did you get involved with IDE? 

IDE was founded in 1963 by a group of Spiritists who had begun in 1958 to hold study groups, to give soup to the poor and had a hostel for migrants. In 1963, Chico Xavier suggested that the group began publishing a Yearly Spiritist publication with the highlights of the year in Spiritism, as well as articles and messages. Chico Xavier also suggested the names for the publication, Anuário Espírita, and for the Institute of Spiritist Dissemination. Eventually our dear medium began sending material he wrote through his mediumship for IDE to publish. We have now published more than 70 books written by Chico Xavier as a medium. 

Does IDE holds the typical activities of a Spiritist Centre in the city?

Yes. It has a Spiritist Centre, which provides assistance to people in need (food, temporary accommodation, medical treatment, dentists, nappies, courses for pregnant women, donations for poor children and babies) as well as fraternal assistance, or counseling, courses about Spiritism, mediumship meetings and healing. More than 100 volunteers are involved in this project. 

What are the main challenges you face on the editorial side? 

We often say that there are problems in all jobs involving human beings and that we must look at them as opportunities to learn and improve. In this particular case, the main challenge we have is that we prioritize the dissemination of the works of Allan Kardec, especially The Gospel According to Spiritism and The Spirits’ Book. We offer them at a very low price, so that readers who wouldn’t normally afford those books have an opportunity to buy. Or in many cases people buy and donate the books.  Those books are in fact subsidized by other IDE’s publications, such as novels and books of messages. I take this opportunity to remind people of a campaign we launched quite a while ago, called “Your opportunity to give something back”. That is what it said: 

Reciprocate all the happiness Spirism has provided to you by disseminating it through The Gospel According to Spiritism. You can do that by giving it to people you know to be in need or simply “forget them” in busy places, such as: hospitals, hotels, cinemas, buses, doctor surgeries, or wherever your intuition suggest. And you may rest assured that the Spiritist Benefactors will know how to use that sublime tool. 

There are many people who still do that, in silence and anonymously. 

What particular experience or event would you like to highlight from your experience in Spiritism? 

I can say that my work in Spiritism, currently focusing in helping the dissemination of the Teachings through the publication of books, is frequently marked by surprising and even astonishing events. The spirits helps us all the time. Without them it would be very difficult to go ahead with such an important task. I am amazed by all the instances when I get the inspiration to do something, or by the “coincidences”. That helps me get more and more confident on the support of the workers in the Spirit World. 

What would you like to highlight from your experience at the IDE? 

I can only highlight the work of all the volunteers and employees of the organization. They are all great friends and truly responsible for the success of my administration ahead of this Spiritist organisation.  

Is there anything else you would like to add? 

Only to repeat what we all know: that by working to help other people we learn to live life, to understand it and to love it. I would like to thank you for the opportunity to say a few words about this organisation, where I am glad to contribute with my work.


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