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Interview Portuguese Spanish    
Year 9 - N° 451 - February 7, 2016

Salvador, BA (Brasil)  
Leonardo Rocha - l.rocha1989@gmail.com

André Dias: 

“We cannot forget that Spiritist organisations are made up of volunteers”

The president of the Spiritist Centre Caminho da Luz, in the
north-eastern Brazilian city of Salvador, talks about
the work carried out by the organisation

André Dias (photo), 56, was born in a Spiritist family in the Brazilian city of Salvador, in the state of Bahia. He joined the Spiritist Movement as a young child, but dropped out later to return when he was 23. He has worked in many areas in the Spiritist Movement. He is now the president of the Spiritist Centre Caminho da Luz, founded on

September 16th 2010 in the Petromar neighbourhood of Salvador. In this interview, the talks about the work carried out there and other issues concerning the Spiritist Movement in Brazil: 

How did you come in contact with Spiritism? 

I believe my first contacts took place in previous lives, where the seeds of these wonderful Teachings were probably sowed. In this life, I had the privilege of being born from Spiritist parents. I remember that my father used to take me to the Spiritist Union of Bahia, in the city centre. I was seven years’ old. I still have a picture taken there at the time. My father was in charge of the Spiritual healing area. He looked after our brothers and sisters in need and treated everyone who knocked on the doors of the organisation with love and respect. That period of my life has left an important legacy, a time I treasure, especially because of the altruism of my father. I was tought the Gospel of Jesus.  My mother, a very calm person, a Spiritist and a true lioness, looked after all of us. We were nine brothers and sisters. 

You have carried out a number of tasks and jobs in Spiritist Centres. Which ones meant the most to you and why? 

All of them were very important. Each one had its own peculiarity and showed us a new way of going though life.

Courses and seminars: The study of the theory behind Spiritism provides us with new tolls and the opportunity for in-depth reflection, proposing a new lifestyle.

Counselling: It is a true learning experience. Everyone who intends to be Christian should work in this area.

Visiting homes and hospitals: This is an area that really touches me because of the suffering and pain you come in contact with. We all must exercise piety. This is a learning experience that makes us see the true value of life.

Gospel in the Home: This is an opportunity to collaborate with those who are willing to introduce real change to their lives and their homes.

Talks and lectures: It is a unique opportunity to contribute, by taking the Gospel to the hearts of those who are in the room and who need to hear something that will help them deal with their anxieties.

Mediumship meetings: It gives us better understanding about reincarnation. It is wonderful. This is an unknown, tenuous world. When we treat it with respect we have full backing from the Spiritual Benefactors. 

What efforts have you been making in order to raise funds to build the Group’s own building. How can people help you if they want to make donations? 

We have been promoting events and asking for donations. Those who want to contribute may pay into our account: Caixa Econômica Federal, branch 3871, oper. 003, account 188-0. 

What is your assessment of the Spiritist Movement in the city of Salvador? 

Despite the efforts of the Spiritist Federation of the State of Bahia (FEEB) to promote unification, I think it is fragmented. Each one gives what they can. Many fellow Spiritists are committed to the truth. There are many people studying and working hard to get the Good News into everyone’s hearts. We cannot forget that Spiritist organisations are made up of volunteers. It is a huge effort. Spiritism is new, it deals with and looks after the Spirit, which carries a baggage of contaminated and contaminating ideas. Let us not forget that we come originally from other religions, which were very dogmatic and domineering. They were not there to clarify and enlighten like Spiritism, which follows the legacy of Christ: “Know the truth and the truth will free you”. 

What are your final thoughts? 

The motto of our mission mission and vision.

Mission: to put into practice what Spiritism teaches, aiming at helping individuals and the society to change.

Vision: to be an organisation dedicated to the excellence of the studies of Spiritism. “Love yourselves and educate yourselves”. “Know the truth and the truth will free you”.


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