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Spiritism for Kids - Célia Xavier Camargo - Portuguese  Spanish
Year 8 - N° 392 - December 7, 2014

Johnny Silveira - silveirajohnny@yahoo.com


Having Faith Does
You Good


Elza heard the bell ring and went to answer it. It was her friend Meire who had arrived. From the look on her face, Elza could see she was not well. So she put her best smile on her face when she said:

- Good morning, Meire! How great it is to see you so early. Come in! ...

- Elza, I really need to talk to someone and I thought of you - she said as she hugged her friend, unable to hold back her tears.

- You did very well then, Meire. Have a sit. Let's talk. What's going on?

The guest, handkerchief in hand, sobbed and could not speak. Elza held her, gently:

- Calm down, Meire. There is a way for everything! With good will, there is nothing that cannot be solved. I'll get you some water - Elza said, leaving and returning shortly after with water:

- Have a sip, Meire. You will feel better.

Indeed, after having a sip of water, Meire felt better and began to talk:

- Ah! I suffer so much! Nobody loves me! I am sick and no one cares about me! ...

- So you're sick? Have you seen a doctor, Meire?

- No! Doctors don’t know anything. Also, they just give me remedies that are useless.

- So then seek help in God, our Father, who loves us and wants the best for us! - she said, understanding that her friend’s problem might not be a physical illness.

The guest hung her head and began to cry again, as she realised that she did not have the habit of praying, and concluded:

- Every time I ask God's help, it never comes!

- You ask and do not receive help? What do you mean, Meire?! ... - her friend asked surprised.

- Everytime I go to church, I ask the priest to pray for me.

- I get it. So you yourself do not pray. Don’t you think that if you are the one who needs it, you are the one who must seek this help? Jesus said: Seek and ye shall find! But if we do not seek, how can we find it?

- You say that because certainly you have never been in need. But I think I have wasted too much of your time already.

And then she recalled:

- How is your daughter? She is a lovely child!

Elza, seeing that her friend was interested, invited her to go see Julia, who was playing in her room, which she accepted. Once outside the room where the little one was playing, the mother quietly opened the door and they saw the girl sitting on the floor with her dolls and stuffed animals. The little girl talked with her toys and said:

- You guys must have faith! Zuzu is sick, but she doesn’t want to take her medicine! I'll say a prayer and give Zuzu healing. Keep quiet while I talk to our friend Jesus!

And Julia began to say a simple prayer, appropriate to her age, but one could notice that she really believed in what she was saying:

- Dear friend Jesus, cure Zuzu because she is not well, ok? And may our Spiritual Friends give her healing, so that she will be well soon. Thank you. So be it!

That scene was of a beauty so touching, that both the mother and her guest became emotional. Finishing the prayer, the girl heard a noise and turned around. She noticed that her mother and her

friend, both standing by the door, were watching her, and smiled:

- Mommy! Hi, Aunt Meire! I am glad to see you here! Mommy, Zuzu had the flu and a fever. I said a prayer and gave her healing. Now she is well again!

Right then Meire understood. Her problem was lack of faith. She hugged the girl, who she was very fond of, and asked:

- Julia, could you give me healing?

- Of course, aunt Meire!

Meire sat on the carpet, to get closer to the girl and bowed her head. The mother seized the oportunity and also elevated her thoughts to the higher spheres, asking the blessing of Jesus for her friend Meire, while Julia prayed and, putting her little hands over Meire’s head, gave her healing.

When she was done, the little girl asked:

- Aunt Meire, do you feel better?

At that moment, Meire noticed that she did not feel bad anymore. She was well, calm and cured of the thoughts that plagued her before! ...

She embraced the little one with lots of love and tears in her eyes, and said firmly:

- My dear Julia! I'm great! Better than ever! And I owe it to you! Thank you!

But Julia, smiling, replied:

- No, Aunt Meire. The person who gave you healing was a very pretty young woman called Renata!

At that moment, surprised, Meire asked what the woman looked like. And Julia, looking up, described her:

- She is thin, tall, long-haired and said that she has known you since school!

Meire began to cry and laugh at the same time, amazed and happy:

- Julia! This woman and I were friends at school a long time ago, but she died. Thank you for helping me regain the faith that I had lost.

- Having faith does you good, aunt Meire!

The mother and Meire laughed, amused, but believing it was true what the girl said. They embraced and, happily, spent the day together, chatting and talking about the blessing that is faith in our lives. 


(Psychographed by Celia X. de Camargo on 29/09/2014.)



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