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Spiritism for Kids - Célia Xavier Camargo - Portuguese  Spanish
Year 8 - N° 372 – July 20, 2014

Johnny Silveira - silveirajohnny@yahoo.com


Happy Birthday, Mom!


Little Sergio was a loving seven year-old boy who was always trying to please everyone. He liked to be useful and help with the house chores. One day, however, looking at the calendar, he saw that his mother's birthday was only one month away. Desiring to give his mother something special, he went into the living room where his father was reading the newspaper and said:

- Dad, Mom's birthday is near. I would like to give her a special gift.

- It is great that you are thinking of Mom, son. She will be happy! But what are you thinking of buying? - the father asked, folding the newspaper and looking at the boy.

Sergio thought a moment and replied, doubtfully:

- That's the thing, Dad. I do not know what I should get her. I do not want to buy a gift! I want it to be something I made. But I do not know what that could be!

- I understand. I find it wonderful that you think this way, son. Let's use our heads. What can you do by yourself that your mother will like? A beautiful drawing?

- No... I wanted something more, Daddy.

- A beautiful card with a lovely message you wrote?

- It would be nice... but that is not enough. It wouldn't seem like I tried really hard to do it.

- I know! You want to give your mother something that has made you work hard, so she will see how much you love her - his father said after some thought.

- That's right!

- Well, I think I have the solution, Sergio. How about a bouquet of flowers that you planted, grew and arranged? Mom loves flowers, you know!

- Good suggestion, Dad! But is there enough time? And where will I plant the seedlings? I do not want Mom to know! - said the boy clapping with joy!

The father smiled because of the idea that he had given his son and his excitement. After thinking a bit, the father considered:

- Sergio, our backyard is big and there is a place where your mother hardly goes. Let's go buy the seeds, then I'll help you plant them. You will be responsible for watering them every day. If you do it properly, it will work out!

All excited, the boy accompanied his father and they soon returned with the seeds. They went to the backyard and with a hoe they arranged a small garden bed where Sergio threw the seeds. Then, every day, in the morning and at sunset, he watered the seeds.

Soon, small buds began to emerge, cheering the boy that clapped his hands with satisfaction. Then he accompanied the development of the seedlings   which   branches   were

growing up, seeking the sunlight.

As time went by, and the branches grew, there appeared the first buds that would open into beautiful colourful flowers! Sergio was delighted to see nature working with such grace and beauty, and spent hours contemplating the first flowers that began to blossom. He loved those flowers.

Until, on his mother's birthday, he woke up early. It was Saturday. He had   bought  a  beautiful  sheet  of

wrapping paper and a satin ribbon to decorate.

So, he showered, got dressed, and as his father had explained he got the scissors in the toolbox and went to the backyard to pick the flowers.

Then he went to the kitchen and prepared a tray with a cup of warm chocolate milk that his mother loved so much and a small plate with biscuits and jam. With everything ready, he went to wake her up as she was still asleep.

When she woke up and saw her child all dressed up, tray in hand, she sat up, moved:

- My son! I'm surprised! I don't know what to say!

Little Sergio got closer to her and shouted, grinning from ear to ear:

- Happy Birthday, Mom!...

- Thank you, dear! And what a beautiful breakfast you brought me! - his mom said hugging him with infinite affection.

The father smiled proud of his son that, even though he was still so little, acted demonstrating love and dedication. And then, Sergio said:

- Mom, actually, your gift is out there in the backyard. I cultivated flowers to give to you as a gift. Dad helped me choose the seeds, but I took care of them so that today I could give you a beautiful bouquet. I even bought coloured paper and a lovely satin ribbon, but...

The mother was surprised and interrupted:

- And you took care of the plants by yourself? But, what happened, my dear?

- Yes, Mom! Every day I watered the seeds and they sprouted, grew and gave flowers! I loved doing this work. Actually, at the time to cut them with your scissors, I did not dare! They were so beautiful in the branches! I did not want to spoil them by removing them from the branches, because soon they would be dead...

The father and mother, surprised, felt tears fill their eyes. They extended their arms to the small child who had shown such great sensitivity to the phenomenon of life and respect for nature.

- Oh, my son! You are absolutely right. The flowers are most beautiful when on the branches. I will consider them as your gift to me. Thank you! I'm very proud of you. It shows you have good feelings in your little heart.

- I am glad, Mom. I thought you would be upset for not getting your birthday present!

- But I did get my present, and I will see them there in the backyard. Thank you, honey! This is the most beautiful gift I've ever gotten in my life!...


(Psychographed by Celia X. de Camargo on 28/04/2014.)



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