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Spiritism for Kids - Célia Xavier Camargo - Portuguese  Spanish
Year 8 - N° 366 – June 8, 2014

Johnny Silveira - silveirajohnny@yahoo.com


Divine Therapy


One day Fernando woke up complaining as usual:

- Darn it, Mom! I want to sleep but I have to go to school. I would like stay in bed all morning!

- My son, everyone needs to study to learn and grow in life. Then, depending on the profession you choose, you will still have to do a degree course. Come on, get up, stop being lazy! - considered the mother smiling.

Upset, Fernando took a shower to help him wake up. He ate something and went to school muttering. And that situation would always be repeated without him learning the importance of studying.

One day, more irritable than usual, he was on his way to school when, passing by a building, a piece of concrete fell from above, landed on one of his legs and threw him to the ground, screaming in pain.

Victor, the foreman, went to rescue him, taking him immediately to the emergency room, as he had fainted.

While waiting to be seen, Fernando gave his home phone number to Victor to warn his mother Claudia. Soon she arrived, grieving, and was introduced to Victor.

- Dona1 Claudia, it has been an unfortunate accident. The builder was breaking the concrete when a piece of it fell on your son. But do not worry. The doctor examined Fernando and is taking care of him now. Our company will pay for all costs.

At that moment, the doctor came and explained the situation to the boy's mother. Fernando was already in the operating room because his leg had been badly hurt. Claudia gave them the necessary information and, worried, sat down to wait, elevating her thought to Jesus and pleading for help for her child.

A few hours later, still sleepy, the boy was taken to his room. In two days, he returned home in a wheelchair. At first he liked it because he was not going to school. Then, he got tired of always being stuck to that chair. Also, he was home alone because his friends were at school.

One day, talking to his mother, he asked:

- Mom, do you think I will be in this wheelchair for a long time?

- Ah! My dear, you need to have patience. The
accident was severe and it will take months for you to recover.

- But why has this happened to me, mom? That piece of concrete could have fallen on anyone, but it happened to me!...

The mother thought for a moment, searching for the right words, then said:

- Fernando, when something happens without us doing anything to cause the situation it means that it is an educational process that God uses for our learning. In your case, to develop patience, understanding, and resignation before the problems of existence, to value life. Got it, dear?

- Kind of did. Actually I would love to be able to walk again, to walk to school, to study, see my friends... Will it happen, Mom?

- Interesting! See how the divine therapy is already working. You hated to go to school, now you miss it and your friends. It will be only a few days; then you will go in a wheelchair, I'll take you! - the mother said, reassuringly.

Thus, Fernando returned to school, now with more disposition. After a few months, he left the wheelchair and started to walk using a crutch. He complained at first but realized it was necessary, because he could not stress his injured leg, which still hurt a lot.

Thus, he got accustomed with the crutch, which became part of his everyday life. In his appointments, the doctor would explain to him the need to continue the use of the crutch.

Time passed... Some years later, already a young man, one day he was crossing a square when he felt tired and sat down on a

bench to rest. He put his crutch aside and took a deep breath, watching people walk by.

Soon a gentleman also sat down next to him. The friendly man began to talk to him and asked him the reason of the crutch. Fernando explained what happened to him years before.

Interested, the man started to ask him questions, which he answered. Suddenly, the stranger asked:

- Can I see your leg?

- Of course! No problem. - said Fernando.

The man knelt down and, while examining the leg, asked Fernando questions to which he answered. Then he sat down on the bench again and informed the puzzled boy:

- Fernando, I'm a doctor and I work in the field of orthopedics. Some time ago, there would be no solution to your predicament but now everything can be solved. I'll give you my card, and if you want to talk more, I'm at your disposal. You are very friendly, and I noticed that you handle your problem in a calm manner, without complaints, which is difficult at your age.

Fernando smiled and replied:

- Ah! But I was not always like this, doctor! With time, I improved. I used to complain about everything. I did not like to study until I had my accident. Of course I was angry, nervous, but my mother explained that it was divine therapy so that I would exercise patience and resignation... well, I confess that I have changed. Today I face everything better, without complaining about anything, accepting life as a blessing! After all, there are so many people who do not have what I have: a good family, friends, intelligence, a knack for studying... Isn't it?

The doctor felt touched with those words.

- You're right, Fernando. Now I'm sure I can help you. Let's go to your home.

Dr. Milton brought the car around and Fernando settled himself in, hopeful. At home, after being introduced to Fernando's mother, the doctor talked to her and offered to treat the boy, at no cost to the family.

Soon, Fernando was good again. He retired the crutch, as well as the wheelchair, which now served others. But he always said, excited:

- Blessed accident! If it were not for it, I would still be the same. Thank God, I have changed for the better!




(Psychographed by Celia X. de Camargo on 12/05/2014.)

1 In Brazilian society, Dona is a term of respect that is used with the woman's first name.



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