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Spiritism for Kids - Célia Xavier Camargo - Portuguese  Spanish
Year 7 - N° 317 – June 23, 2013

Johnny Silveira - silveirajohnny@yahoo.com


Effort and Harvest


Tired of living in the city where the pace of life bothered him, Jonah decided to buy a small farm in a distant place to live closer to nature. 

Soon there was a man who offered him a place at a reasonable price and with his salesperson's ability to convince people he said: 

- My friend Jonah! The farm is a beauty, the land is fertile and cultivated! You will not need to take anything, because the house is furnished! You get there, sell the corn harvest and start making money. In addition, you may pay for the farm with this house you live in plus over a small lump sum. 

Jonah, who had some money saved and delighted with the salesperson's words, consulted his wife, who had heard the conversation: 

- What do you think, Mary? 

- I agree, Jonah. I also want to leave this city where there is no peace anymore - she replied. 

So, with the deal done, they put some of their things on a cart and left the rest in the house, since they would not need them, and left for the farm that would be their new home. They were happy and excited. Everything was a novelty. 

After some difficulty in finding the way, they arrived at the new property. They opened the gate and entered, walking a few hundred meters to get in front of the house. They unloaded the cart and left the horse free to graze. 

The next day, excited, Jonah and Mary went to see their new land. But, to their astonishment, they found that much of

the land was overrun by brambles. There was no corn field and much less anything to harvest. Or even pasture for the horse. 

Jonah and Mary began to cry. How would they survive? The money they had was little! It was just enough for them to support themselves in the early days until they sold the farm production. And now what? 

As Jonah was a man of faith, he invited Mary to pray. 

- Lord Jesus! We know that each one reaps what they sow, and I recognize that we were not cautious, making a deal without more information. However, You told us also that in the field of the Lord we would find difficulties, setbacks, thorns and weeds. Therefore, we ask for Your help in this hour, Lord! Show us the way for we do not know what to do! 

After the prayer, they went to rest. 

The next day, Jonah woke up and went to the field. He was sure that the Lord would help. He walked a little and a thought popped into his head: Jesus faced all His problems and sacrificed Himself for all humanity, leaving His lessons of love, work and redemption. 

Jonah ran back to the house and said to his wife: 

- Mary, in face of the obstacles that arise, we cannot sit back and be discouraged. Jesus was never discouraged! We need to act. Thus, we will work with courage and determination. 

- But Jonah, what about the thorns?! ... - the wife asked, surprised. 

- Mary, would the Master be discouraged with thorns if He wasn't by the sufferings He faced? So if these are our problems, we face them. If our land is taken over by brambles, we go and root them out! We will till this hard soil and fertilize it with our sweat and tears. Moreover, we can always count on some beneficial rain falling from the sky as a divine blessing. And looking for it, we can find a water spring in the woods to help us in the task of improving the land for planting. 

The husband spoke with bright eyes, and the words spoken enthusiastically filled Mary with a second wind. At the same time, both took their hoes and began the task of clearing the land. 

Jonah still had a little money that he used to buy some essential foods in the nearest village and a lot of corn, which milled, served to them as food, and as grains, served for the horses and for planting. 

Walking through the farm, they discovered a crystalline spring that ran between rocks. Carefully, they opened a small canal that took the water to the already cleared land. 

This way, they threw the grains on the ground, covered them and awaited germination while they cared for another part of the ground that was still full of thorny brushes. 

That week, as a blessing from above, a light rain began to fall. Soon, all the land was covered by delicate green seedlings that would become beautiful corn stalks. 

Some time later, all the people passing by the road could see the beautiful cornfields that stretched out of sight. 

Satisfied, Jonah and Mary thanked Jesus for the blessings received. 

But, deep down their hearts, they also knew that hadn't they worked hard from sunrise to sunset, they would

have achieved nothing, for it was the Master Himself who said:

"Help thyself and heaven will help you." 


(Psychographed by Celia X. de Camargo on 13/05/2013.)


O Consolador
Weekly Magazine of Spiritism