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Spiritism for Kids - Célia Xavier Camargo - Portuguese  Spanish
Year 6 - N° 272 – August 5, 2012

Johnny Silveira - silveirajohnny@yahoo.com


What Will I Do Today?


That day, Murillo had no class. It was raining and he could not leave the house to play outside. Winter was coming and it was cold. So, he walked around the house asking himself:

- What will I do today?

It was a lazy day. One of those days when we feel like doing nothing. But not for Murillo, who was a very active boy.

He went into his room, but found nothing interesting to do. He was bored with his games and toys, which were old acquaintances.

Everything was in a mess, but Murillo did not bother to put anything away.

He went to the living room and turned on the TV. He saw nothing interesting,

just boring re-runs of programs and cartoons. He turned it off, disinterested.

Then, he saw the family cat wandering carefree. Seeing the animal, Murillo became interested:

- Felix! Where have you been?

And ran up to his pet, who knowing the boy, hid under a cabinet. Murillo knelt down and with difficulty picked up the cat, that meowed.

- Oh, were you hiding from me? I just want to play with you!

He took the animal into his room and, suddenly, passing his hand through the cat's hair, had an idea:

- Felix, you are very fat and very hairy. I'll fix that.

The boy went to the cupboard and got a pair of scissors, while the cat watched, frightened. Then, getting close to his pet, he put the cat in his

lap and began to cut his beautiful hair.

The pussy meowed, trying to escape. In a moment of carelessness, the cat escaped from Murillo and hid behind the wardrobe, a place where the boy could not reach him.

Hearing his mother calling, Murillo opened the door and ran out. It was lunchtime. He sat down at the table and behaved himself. The mother, who knew the child, asked:

- Son, you look like you've been up to something again. What is it?

- Nothing, mom! I did nothing! ...

- Okay. Then eat.

After the meal, Murillo sat in the living room to watch television.

Suddenly, his mother came from the kitchen, with her hands on her waist.

- Murillo, what did you do to Felix?

- Nothing, mom! I swear!

She came back with the cat in her arms and showed him to her son:

- So, who cut his hair?

- Not me, mom! ...

Then the lady asked Murillo to accompany her to his room. It was easy to find hair lying on the floor and the scissors the boy had used to cut the cat's hair. Very angry, she reproached him:

- Why did you do this to the poor animal, Murillo? Look at him. And just now that it has started to get cold! We cannot leave him like that, my son!

The mother got an old blanket and put it in Felix' basket, who enjoyed the pleasant warmth and stayed curled up there.

The mother called Murillo and


- Son, lying is a bad defect. Not only did you harm an animal that depends on us and should receive our attention and affection, but also you lied. As a lie has short legs, I found in your room the scissors and the hairs you cut off of Felix. Now, his hair will take a while to grow back and he will be cold all winter. Are you happy now?

The boy, who was hearing his mother's words attentively, felt sad by everything he had done and  justified himself:

- Mom, I had no intention of harming Felix. As I had nothing to do, I had the idea of cutting his hair, which was very long!

- Son, when we have nothing to do we should find something useful and good to pass the time. We should not go around doing things that can harm others. Take your notebook and study, read a book, sweep the yard, tidy up your room. But do not invent things that are harmful.

- I understand it now, mom. But what can I
do for Felix?  

- Just take care of him, giving him enough love, so that he can trust you again. Tomorrow I will take  Felix to the vet to clip and fix his hair, which looks horrible!

- Thanks, mom. I'll never act again without thinking, I promise!

As if he understood what was happening, Felix brushed against Murillo's legs, caressing him and showing that he was not holding a grudge, and that he continued to cherish him.


(Psychographed by Celia X. de Camargo on 14.05.2012.)


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