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Spiritism for Kids - Célia Xavier Camargo - Portuguese  Spanish
Year 4 - N° 201 – March 20, 2011

Johnny Silveira - silveirajohnny@yahoo.com


Desire to Help


Louise loved to play with her friend Maria. They were also neighbours and school friends. They would usually do their chores together and then play.

However, lately Louise was always returning home discouraged. Her friend was unbearable. She complained about everything, being cranky and irritated about anything. In short, nothing was good for her. And Louise felt very bad with Maria's behaviour.

One afternoon the girl came home and said:

- I will not go to Maria's house anymore!

The mother, who was in the kitchen, heard it and stopped what she was doing, surprised.

- Why, my daughter! What happened now? You and Maria have always gotten along so well! ...

- Yes, Mum. But Maria is very annoying! ...

- Did you fight?

- No, we never fight. However, she complains about everything. She is always angry and cranky. And I can not stand it!

The mother sat down, put her daughter on her lap and said:

- Louise, has she always been like this?

- No, Mum.

- Then, darling, Maria is probably not well. Something must be happening to her.

- Really?

The mother thought for a moment and suggested:

- You are such good friends! Don't you think Maria might need you and your understanding? Do not let her anger contaminate you. Keep your peace of mind to be able to help her.

- You're right, mum. It is only that I get irritated too.

- But if you are swayed by it, you won't be able to help her. Take the Sun, for example. Worldwide, there are fights, disagreements, even revolutions and wars going on, but the sun always goes up there, illuminating all, performing its task without change. Got it?

- Yes, Mum. You are my Sun. When I'm irritated, you also help me without being angry.

The mother, touched by the words of her daughter, embraced her with affection.

- Yes, Louise. So why don't you try to find out what's happening with your friend?

- You got it, mum. Tomorrow I will do that.

The next day, after school, Louise went to her friend's house and found Maria crying. She asked her what had happened and she replied:

- My dog Titan is ill and in the hospital.

Louise exclaimed:

- I did not know he was sick, Maria!

- I was so upset that I did not want to talk about it. Mummy says he will heal and return to our home, but I'm afraid he will die! ...

- Do not think about it, Maria. Besides, you know that nobody dies. It's just the material body that ceases to exist. The spirit is still alive in the spirit world.

- Ah, this happens with people. But what about dogs?

- Dogs and all animals, are also still alive and always progressing.

- Are you sure? So my dog can come back in a new body?

- Sure!

And the girl started to wonder:

- Who knows - he may be reborn near here? Maybe I can recognize him? Maybe he comes to visit me? Who knows ...

Louise was amused by her friend's imagination and exclaimed:

- Maria! But Titan is not dead! … Why do you think about these things?

Just then, Maria's mother, who was on the phone, gave them the good news:

- Dear, Titan is fine and can come home!

Maria was very happy. And now, more lively, she stopped crying and thanked Jesus for healing her puppy. Then she began to talk about Titan and how he was smart and funny.

And Louise, looking at her friend, now all smiley, smiled back thinking:

- My mother was right. How things change. We just need know how to deal with the problem, finding the right path, and the solution appears.


(Message psychographed by Celia Xavier de Camargo, on 02/28/2011.)


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