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Spiritism for Kids - Célia Xavier Camargo - Portuguese  Spanish
Year 3 - N° 149 – March 14, 2010

Carolina von Scharten - carolinavonscharten@yahoo.com


Mutual help


Once upon a time, there were two boys who didn’t get along in class. Octavo and Manuel were always fighting against each other. 

If one of them wanted to play football, the other would want to run. If one wanted to play volleyball, the other would want basketball. They never managed to understand each other. They would even fight physically at times.

Their teacher would worry so much as she didn’t know what to do in order to change the situation. One day she decided to take all students for a walk in a very beautiful field, close to the city. 

She then split them into two groups. They agreed both teams would get back at the same time and at the same place within one hour. 

The teacher decided to put Octavo and Manuel on the same time in order to bring them closer to each other. 

As soon as she made a signal, both groups went through the field in different directions. On the way back, they would need to tell the other students what they noticed during the walk. 

Octavo and Manuel were felt really annoyed. Why did they have to be on the same group? They walked a lot, but fought all the time with each other. Octavo wanted to go towards one direction, but Manuel wanted the opposite. 

They ended up getting away from the right path and got into the middle of the fields. Because they were fighting, they didn’t pay much attention to the group. They suddenly fall into a hole which was hidden by the bushes. 

They then started to fight once again. They were both blaming the other for the situation they ended up at. Both kids started to hurt each other physically.  

After fighting for a while, they got tired and sat on the ground. Octavo then suggested to Manuel, as he suddenly realised this was not helping: 

— If we stay here fighting and arguing, this won’t change anything. We need to work as a team to get away from here. Let’s scream for help. 

Manuel agreed with his colleague for the first time. They then started to scream: 

— Help! Help! Please help us. We need to get out of here! Can anyone hear to us? 

They screamed until they lost their voice. Everyone was distant from them. No one could hear them. The hole was very deep into the ground, which is why no one heard them.  

They then decided to sit down and rest. 

— What shall we do now? 

— I don’t know, but I think we need to find a way to get out of here. We can’t rely on other people — Manoel said.  

— It’s true... I have got an idea! – Octavo said. 

— What is it? 

— The hole is not that deep. If we come to an agreement, we can get out. I think it will work – Octavio explained. 

— How are we going to do that? – Manuel asked. 

— We will build up a ladder. I will stand up and you will climb over my shoulders. You will then be able to get out of the hole. You then can help me to climb out of the hole as well. 

They agreed and soon Manuel managed to get out of the hole. He then offered his hand to Octavo but wasn’t able to reach him. Manuel then came up with another idea: 

— Oh, hold on. I will look for a tree bench. 

He searched for a strong tree bench and was able to find one. He then used it to help Octavo get out of the hole. 

They were so happy! They felt tired, but relieved. They hugged each other, thanking themselves for working together and for all help received. 

The teacher was concerned with their absence. She then felt surprised as she saw them coming back from the fields hugging each other. They were looking quite dirty and exhausted. She asked them what happened and they told everyone what they went through.  

Octavo then looked at Manuel and said: 

— Thanks to Manuel, I am here now. If it wasn’t for him, I don’t know what would have happened to me. 

The other one said: 

— Well, if it wasn’t for you Octavo, I would still be there.

The teacher felt touched by their comments and said: 

— The truth is your partnership freed you from the challenge you were facing. I am so happy to see you finally understood each other. 

They both looked at each other and said: 

— We will become good friends from now on, teacher. We now know the union makes us strong. 

                                                                  Aunt Celia


O Consolador
Weekly Magazine of Spiritism