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Interview Portuguese Spanish    
Year 10 - N° 495 - December 11, 2016
Matão, SP (Brasil)
Leonardo Rocha - l.rocha1989@gmail.com

Ronaldo Pires: 

“An early start is essential
for good planning”

With vast experience in the organization of events, our guest
this week speaks about the importance of planning for
the success of any event

Ronaldo Pires (photo), is a Physical Education teacher in the Brazilian city of Rio Claro, in the state of São Paulo, with a post-graduation degree in Education for People with Cerebral Palsy. He became a Spiritist in 2005 and works as a volunteer at O Consolador Spiritist Centre in his hometown of Araraquara and Fé e Caridade

Spiritist Centre in Rio Claro.

In this interview he speaks about his large experience in the organization of events and his valuable contribution for the Spiritist Movement: 

What has been your experience with the production of events? 

I always had a curiosity about it and liked to promote events in my house when I was a child, inviting school friends. When I started to work, things got more serious: I was involved in events not only in the city I worked, Matão, but also across the state of São Paulo. Some events gathered more than 100 thousand people.  

Based on your experience, what is the first aspect to be considered in order to achieve success in planning an event? 

We believe that the biggest charity we can make is the dissemination of the Teachings and events have a great potential to achieve exactly that. There are a number of aspects that we should consider when we are producing any event. I always ask myself these questions: why, where, when, how and who? It may sound simple, but for each one of those questions there must be a detailed project, with professional, human and ethical aspects taken into account. I believe that if we go over each one of those questions then we manage to move forward. 

What are the biggest challenges you face in the organization of any event? And what is the best way of overcoming them? 

The biggest challenges are ourselves. As we are imperfect beings, we still carry in us the pride and selfishness that blind us when it comes to giving up on some idea that we would like to implement. I speak for myself. Another problem is that we, Spiritists, are too shy and strive to do everything in a simple manner, with the contribution only of volunteers. We forget that we may need sometimes to hire people who are more capable than us and who are specialized in areas we are not entirely familiar with. In sum, I believe we need more and more volunteers, as we often say in Spiritism that “There’s not salvation without charity.” But to get more volunteers we need to disseminate Spiritism and for that we will need to modernize and to become more professional.  

What is the key factor in good planning, even once an event has started? 

An early start is essential for good planning. Ideally we should have a yearly calendar and begin working on events with a year in advance. That way we would be able to anticipate and correct eventual flaws, even if they happened during the event, as all the people involved would have been trained and developed. There are also four basic rules from Marketing that work for the success of any event, of any size:

Product, service, event: what does the client want?

Price: how much will it cost?

Place: Where will it happen?

Promotion: How it will be publicized? 

Is there an ideal method to motive a team so that we get harmony for a common goal? 

In order to have an ideal method for motivation, a good leader is needed and his or her main virtue must be humility. In team work we need to hear a great deal and create strategies with plans A, B and C for the event. That leader must also be a good observer so that he can get the best out of every team member.

From what you have seen in the Spiritist Movement, where do we need to act in order to improve the most? 

I believe that by diversifying the events and using the arts, culture and technology we will be able to make huge progress. Another important issue is the technology for broadcasting, social media and television. If we don’t move forward in those areas it will take longer for our goals to be achieved. We must also adapt to the speed of the children. We can no longer use the language of years ago. All events must combine areas and the infra-structure to attend them and help them in their process of development. 

Do you think that the events of the Spiritist Movement have achieved their goals? 

I am very critical with myself. I always think I could do more and that we could improve, but I think that the Spiritist Movement has been growing fast and in may different ways. The internet has helped a lot in that matter. TV Mundo Maior has also played an important role in the dissemination of Spiritism. 

Your final thoughts, please. 

Within my limited capacities, I want to say that I am available to help as a volunteer any Spiritist event. My contacts are: +55 16 981496807, Facebook: Ronaldo Pires, Ronaldo@vivaararaquara.com.br.


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