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Spiritism for Kids - Célia Xavier Camargo - Portuguese  Spanish
Year 10 - N° 480 - August 28, 2016

Johnny Silveira / silveirajohnny@yahoo.com


It Was Jesus Who Sent You


John walked down a dusty road, under the strong sun and heat, looking for someone who could help him. He was nine years-old and from a very poor family that was in extreme need of money. 

On his way to the nearest town, he was mentally asking Jesus for help so he could earn some money because his mom was sick and needed to eat in order to get out of bed and work. 

So, little Johnny, full of good will, hastened his pace to reach the town soon. 

Upon entering town, he found a farmers’ market with various stalls where they sold vegetables, potatoes, cassava, legumes, fruit and grains, as well as pastries and cakes. 

Excited, the boy picked up the pace and entered the fair, delighted with the amount of everything he saw. 

So much food! - he thought. - I'll ask the stallholders and hope they give me some of their surplus or that they do not want more. 

Getting close to a large and beautiful stall, he pleaded: 

- Sir, our family is poor and my mother is sick. Could you give me something to take to my mom? I come from far and there, where I live, there is almost nothing to eat! It has been long since it rained and we have nothing!... 

But the marketer had no pity and cast Johnny away with harsh words: 

- Go away, kid! Do you think that I have worked so much to give what I got to bums like you? Get away from my stall or I will give you a kick in the butt! 

Johnny hung his head with tears in his eyes and walked away sad. 

Three more times the boy asked for help to merchants that did not give him anything. 

Then he walked to a tree that had a small shading area where he could hide from the strong sun. He sat in the shade and watched the other stallholders. 

Johnny thought: What to do? He did not have anything to feed his family at home. How to solve that problem? 

At that moment the boy, in tears, raised his thoughts to the higher spheres asking the help of Jesus: 

- Dear Jesus, I am very sorry. You know that my mom is sick and needs to eat, as well as my younger siblings. Help me, Jesus. I do not need much, just enough to make a soup. I know that You, Lord Jesus, can help me! Help me, for mercy! 

Johnny stood there with his head down, crying. He knew that Jesus would not fail to solve his problem. 

Suddenly there was a beautiful girl with blond curly hair who approached him and offered him some vegetables. 

- Take these, they are for you! - she said with a beautiful smile. 

Stammering, he replied: 

- But I cannot pay you! 

- Do not worry. Take them to your home. They are fresh and were picked up today! 

So Johnny thanked her: 

- Thank you, girl. I'm very much obliged to you. In fact, we have nothing to eat at home. What you are giving me will be very good for us, believe me. 

- I'm glad you liked it. They are yours. 

Johnny looked at the girl and smiled, asking her name, to what she replied: 

- My name is Lucy. And yours?   

- Mine is John. Lucy, you are a very good girl. I will say a prayer asking Jesus to bless you for the good you did today. Maybe we can hang out another time? 

John explained to her where he lived with his family on a place not far away. They said goodbye and he gave her a warm hug in gratitude for her kindness. 

Lucy hugged him back saying that whenever he needed it, he could come for vegetables, fruit, and anything they needed because her parents were generous and never refused anything to anyone. 

And, looking at the boy, she said: 

- We have also been in a lot of need, John. Therefore, my parents never fail to help those in need. 

Johnny, before leaving, said: 

- Thank you, Lucy. It was Jesus who sent you to help me! Believe me, you will always be in my heart! 

And Johnny returned home very happy and thankful to Jesus to have found someone as generous as his new friend Lucy. 


(Psychographed by Celia X. de Camargo on 11/04/2016.)


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