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NEUROPILLS, readings on the brain and the gospel
De Nubor Orlando Facure
Translator: Eleni Frangatos

Editora Virtual O Consolador

Published in e-book format by EVOC – O Consolador Virtual Publisher, this work presents teachings and several reports that show us that the greatness of God is invaluable and unique.

Now through science, now through daily events, everything can be improved and we can all know more about life and still be aware that we are not alone at any time.

As is known, our behavior is what leads our steps to smooth paths or to dry and rough land. The Universal law - whose mechanism pertaining to the so-called law of action and reaction works in a natural way - will always apply to everyone.

How much is there to know, starting with the human body and all its intelligence and complexity, a body that starts to reflect the feeling and emotion created by the spirit.

And something so wonderful is to know that suffering can be reduced; it is enough that understanding is exercised through study, example, experience and will.

Furthermore, how much better it is to live healthier, especially in the emotional field, since this has a direct impact on the physical body, all aware that in order to live better, we must let the new man be born in us, as there will be no peace or happiness if there is no renewal.

To enlighten a little bit, the minds and hearts that long for understanding, this is one of the purposes that motivated the author to write the present work, which EVOC places at the disposal of our readers with great satisfaction, and at no cost.

The cover was kindly designed by Claudia Rezende Barbeiro.


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