Translator: Eleni Frangatos P. Moreira. Proofreader: Estela Galvão

Spiritism for children
Cairbar Schutel

Cairbar de Souza Schutel  was born in the city of Rio de Janeiro on September 22, 1868 and disincarnated in Matão, State of São Paulo, on January 30, 1938. He was one of the most important disseminators of Spiritism in our country. On July 15, 1905, he founded the "Lovers of Poverty Spiritist Group" (Grupo Espírita Amantes da Pobreza), which is known nowadays as The Clarion Spiritist Center (Centro Espírita O Clarim). It is located in the city of Matão-SP, where, also in 1905, he launched the Spiritist newspaper "The Clarion" ("O Clarim"). Twenty years later, on February 15, 1925, he published the International Spiritist Magazine (Revista Internacional de Espiritismo), a monthly publication dedicated to the study of psychic and Spiritist phenomena.

Cairbar was the pioneer in Spiritist broadcasting. He is the author of 17 major books, all published by The Clarion Publishing House, (Casa Editora O Clarim), an institution also founded by him.

The book now published - Spiritism for children - was originally released in 1918 and it is certainly the first attempt to write a Spiritist book addressed directly to children, although it can also be used by parents to educate their children, a task that should not and cannot be neglected by those who call themselves Spiritists.

Once, Emmanuel was asked: "What is the best school to prepare the reincarnated souls on Earth?"

Emmanuel replied, "The best school is still the home where one learns the main facts about consciousness and character. Schools can teach, but only the institution of the family can educate. This is why the university can build a citizen, but only home can build a man. In its monumental task of Christianization, the most important purpose of the evangelical Spiritism is to enlighten the conscience of the creature, so that the home is rebuilt and a new cycle of spiritual progress comes up among men, in Christian homes for the new era of Humanity." (The Consoler, question 110, psychographed by Chico Xavier.)

There are three reasons for our decision to publish this digital version. Firstly, the printed version is sold out. Secondly, all Cairbar Schutel's literature belongs, since January 2010, to the public domain, as per Articles 33 and 41 of Law no. 9,610 of February 19, 1998. Finally, we strongly believe that by offering this book free of charge to our Brazilian and foreign readers is paying tribute to Cairbar, who is considered by many and in our opinion too, as the number One Spiritist in Brazil.

Londrina, March 31, 2014



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