Translator: Eleni Frangatos P. Moreira. Proofreader: Janete de Nóbrega


“Spiritist Stories” by

Dr. Nubor Facure
Nubor Orlando Facure


This book now published by EVOC – O Consolador Virtual Publisher, was written by the physician and professor Nubor Orlando Facure, author of several other works, such as Mediunidade, um ensaio clínico (Mediumship, a clinical essay), published by EVOC. The author lives in the city of Campinas in the state of Sao Paulo.

Dr. Nubor Orlando Facure recently completed 50 years of medical work in the area of Neurology and Neurosurgery.

He was born in the Brazilian city of Uberaba, in the state of Minas Gerais, and since his family was Spiritist, at the age of seven he began attending the Spiritist Center. Thus, he lived with famous and respected people, who followed and practiced the Doctrine at the time, even before the arrival of Chico Xavier to the city of Uberaba.

The literary and musical meetings and the Study Circle on the Uberabense Spiritist Center were very important to shape his knowledge in accordance with Allan Kardec’s teachings. Later, he had close contact with Chico Xavier and his work, and this complemented his Spiritist education.

His entrance into medical school and specialization in Neurology allowed him to meet thousands of people in great suffering caused by neurological diseases.

It was the combination of these two conditions – the first one that he was born in the city of Uberaba, and the second one that he became a physician with a Spiritist education - that made it easier for Dr. Nubor to tell these “causos” (stories).

The episodes in this book are fictional, but they all represent what we see in real life. We can find them in this or that Spirit, with which we encounter along our lives. We sometimes are forced to witness these episodes, but many a times we experience them ourselves.

The "stories" allow us to point out the strict consequences of the Divine Justice, from which no one can escape.

Referring to them, Nubor Facure says: "Between the lines, in these episodes, Spiritist concepts were included and there are a thousand of opportunities to learn what life gives us”.

He goes on, “It is interesting to see how much our lives are intertwined thus meeting our needs to redeem our faults and progress toward the Greater Life."

The cover of this book was kindly designed and developed by the artist Claudia Rezende Barbeiro, whom we thank.



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