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20 Lessons on Mediumship
By Astolfo Olegário de Oliveira Filho
Translator: Eleni Frangatos
P. Moreira
Publisher: Editora Virtual O Consolador

Initially published in November 2003 by Editora Leopoldo Machado, this book sold out in a short time. On April 18, 2013, at the premiere of EVOC - Editora Virtual O Consolador, it was reissued in digital format, just as it is now when the publisher celebrates 6 years of existence.

Its author is, alongside with José Carlos Munhoz Pinto, founder of the magazine O Consolador, in addition to being a member of the Editorial Board, he is the editorial director too. The English version we owe it to Eleni Frangatos P. Moreira, one of the most competent and active collaborator of the aforementioned magazine, who lives in Vinhedo, state of São Paulo.

As this is a study related to the exercise of mediumship, this work was divided into 20 lessons, and this explains the title. Each lesson corresponds to a chapter. The book therefore contains 20 chapters that obey a logical order, consistent with what happens during a mediumistic session.

The first chapter refers to the concentration and the preparation for it to occur in good conditions.

The second deals with the so-called vibratory maintenance and the attitude of the team during the work.

The third chapter focuses on prayer. The fourth deals with the radiation issue, and the rest – always trying to scrutinize issues related to mediumistic practice - analyze the laying on of the hands (spiritual pass), the identification of fluids, the phases of the mediumistic phenomenon, the question of the identity of the Spirits, the mystification problem, obsession, indoctrination and so on.

The cover of the e-book now published was kindly designed and elaborated by the designer Jordan Oliveira Cazetta, whom we thank.

This work, as with all editions published by EVOC, can be read or downloaded free of charge.


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