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Letter to the reader Portuguese Spanish    
Year 9 - N° 451 - February 7, 2016
Francine Prado / francine.cassia@hotmail.com


André Dias, from Salvador
(BA), speaks to the magazine

“Fire at dawn” is the title of our editorial, which comments the vandalism act occurred in early morning on January 29th against the Spirit Center Auta de Souza, settled in Sobradinho II, Federal District.

André Dias, main chair of the Spirit Doctrine School Path of Light, Salvador (BA), is our interviewed. “We cannot forget that the Spirit Home is compose by volunteers”, he said in the interview given to our collaborator Wellington Balbo which is one of the highlights of the current edition. 

In the week’s special, José Passini analyses the book “Life travels in the Light”, psychic work published by the medium Carlos A. Baccelli, spiritual author Dr. Inácio Ferreira (Spirit). The Special is one of the spots of this issue. 

It was a success the 1º Spirit Congress in Uberlândia which happened last week, in a promotion by Web Rádio Fraternidade. There were more the 1.300 subscribers from the region and many Brazilian States. The report about the congress is one of the highlights of this edition. 

It takes place in the Spirit Center Nosso Lar, Londrina, this Sunday 7th, and tomorrow February 8th from 14 to 16 o`clock the seminar “The mental tune and spiritual attraction”. There will be parallel to the seminar workshop for children from 2 to 14 years old. More information about the event can be reached in the Bookshop of the institution or by the telephone: (43) 3322-1959. 


  Director of Writing: Astolfo O. de Oliveira Filho

Administrative Director: José Carlos Munhoz Pinto


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