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Special Portuguese Spanish    

Year 8 - N° 402 - February 22, 2015

São Paulo, SP (Brasil) 


Eleni Frangatos - eleni.moreira@uol.com.br



Depression, unorthodox
spiritual vision

Part 2 (Final)

When you start the treatment, become aware of what you are doing, and persist on it. As you recover, the professional who treats you, if he is ethical and reliable, he will certainly start to gradually free you from the prescribed medicines, by decreasing the doses until they are totally removed, if possible. Do not stop the treatment at your sole discretion. If you do this, there is a very good chance that you will go through a crisis, which will require equal or higher dosages.

It is not very pleasant to have to take a medicine for a long time, so that it can furnish us with the quantities of neurohormones that we lack, but it is extremely necessary and it sure means less suffering for us.


A Spiritist view of the matter


If we know that thoughts and feelings influence our mind, cheering or leaving it sad, then we can certainly help our own selves. It is a daily fight to maintain good and healthy thoughts and feelings, if you want to stay well. If you feel better by reading a good book, listening to a song, making some physical activity, talking to a good friend, or going for a spiritual laying on of hands (spiritual and magnetic pass), or a spiritual disobsession treatment, then do it.


Andre Luiz teaches us that mental states, such as fear, guilt, remorse, frustration, anger, just to name of the most common, which cause depression, are poured into the human body through the biophores, which are psychosomatic power units located in the mitochondria, organelles that exist in some types of cells that function as a "power box" to produce energy for all cellular activities. The term biophore was created by Augusto Weismann (1834-1914) to refer to the basic building blocks of living structures.


Emmanuel endorses this teaching adding that depression interferes with cellular mitosis and may contribute to cancer and other immune diseases, especially immune deficiency. Medicine fully confirms this last statement too. Depressed people have their immune system weakened and, therefore, are more subject to infections and other diseases that depend on its proper functioning.

I believe that those energy constraints emanated from the spirit reach the endocrine, nervous, and immune systems, and even the multiplication of cells (mitosis), compromising their performance. This is the root not only of neurotransmitter deficiencies, but of the entire physical malaise associated with depression, as discussed below.

Depression causes a loss of vital energy, and the body becomes weak.

Our body, as we know, is commanded by our spirit. Let us see what a friendly spirit, in a loving and caring way, says about depression: "Depression is caused by the lack of love of the soul for itself, for life, and its outlook to achieve happiness. Without love and hope, man cannot receive the vital energy of the cosmos. His will and motivation to live becomes weak".

How can we change this situation?


Living with depression


Depression comes without warning and affects men and women of all ages, from children to people over 70 years, as well as very healthy young people. When it arrives, it requires the spirit to find its own solutions, to clean and purify itself becoming aware and fighting back the causes of its emotional and physical weakening. In addition to medical and spiritual treatments, many attitudes, however, can favorably change the way depression is experienced and overcome.

Start rethinking the issue of self-esteem. To love yourself and value your own life is a necessary condition for a person to feel like living and feel fulfilled by using its potential for this purpose. God did not create man to be unfit for life.

Happiness, in turn, is not an open door waiting for us to enter, but an outlook of life to be gradually built and sustained by attitudes that are valuable for us and for our neighbors, and which will make up the story of our life.


We need to dream and build the conditions to achieve our dreams. To do this we have to believe in ourselves, in our potential, and in life as a path through which we walk.

Faith is also of great help: we need to believe in the Creator of Life as a wise being, merciful and just, so that we can accept life as a positive, loving and fair outlook for our spiritual development. Otherwise, what is the meaning of life? Is it to work just to pay our bills, go to the Shopping Center, and partying from time to time?


We need to get along with others to be happy, but we must not turn an acquaintanceship into an unhealthy dependence, and become a burden to the other, encouraging him to leave us. To live beside someone who is depressed is unbearable for many people.

The center of gravity that anchors our happiness must be within us. We can let the other share this with us and we will share the other's center too. This is how we will feel emotionally richer by the day.

Each one of us, however, needs to remain healthy and independent, to ensure our emotional health and be able to build a new relationship, if eventually at some point the connection and complicity that support the relationship ends, and each one goes their way. In short, to be happy in the relationship, you have to be happy with yourself, so that you have something good to share with the other.


With simple actions, give a shoo to depression


Do not weaken by small and transient problems. Give them the importance they should have: little or none. Only this will substantially decrease your strain in life, and you will become a lighter person and even nicer to your own self.

You do not need to be a clown or laugh, when this is not genuine, but keep up your good mood. It will be your saving plank in the sea of bitter people, who complain too much, the naysayers, and the ones who feel so sorry for themselves. Without a good mood, you will drown in their sea of misery.

The achievements that you longed for but did not fulfill can make you happy or unhappy. Do not be frustrated by what you did not achieve, because the failure of not reaching a goal will compromise all the remaining ones. Value your achievements.

If someone betrayed, hurt, made you unhappy or belittled you, be happy for not being you who did this to someone else. The mistake belongs to the other person, but it is you who decides how much this is going to influence your life. Only you can put an end to your suffering. When you forgive this person and understand his limitations, then your suffering fully disappears.


If you hurt somebody and you were wrong, do not give in to guilt and remorse. See what you can do to make the other one happy. If you can do nothing for the person you hurt, do it to somebody else, but do something. Prove to yourself that you changed into a better and do not repeat the same old mistakes, be it with those you love or even those you hate. Especially because you already know how much this type of thing harms you too.

Be less connected on social networks, less messages, emails and games, less addiction to cell phones, ipads and computers, and be more in connection with yourself, with your feelings, with your vital energy, with your body, with the ones you love, and try to understand and harmonize with your own self and your neighbor. This is valuable for self-knowledge and emotional balance.


When you are sad and hot-headed, rather than staying in a closed room feeding your own ill-feelings, go for a walk, take a deep breath and get some morning sun, or late in the afternoon, if possible go for a walk in a park where you can be in touch with nature. Just be with yourself, with the trees, flowers and birds. Thus, you will be closer to God and connected with the smooth part of life. After doing this, most probably, what affects you will come out of your system.

Half an hour of sun every day ensures the necessary amount of vitamin D - in fact a powerful steroid hormone responsible for 229 functions of the immune system - and it can help you overcome depression. If you want to know more about this issue, access on internet the excellent work, which has been developed by the doctor and scientist Cicero Galli Coimbra.

The combination of more oxygen (breathing), more circulation and nutrition of the cells (movement) and more vitamin D (immune power) will make you have enough energy to cope with depression.


Do not feed depression with your thoughts and feelings. If you feel the presence of less pleasant spirits, than go to a spiritual center for treatment. Their well-being is going to help you.

To be happy is not an obligation, but a pleasure within your reach, almost every day, but never for 24 hours on a go; otherwise you would lose your motivation for this achievement.

Be persistent!

Let depression go with the wind!


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