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Methodical Study of the Pentateuch Kardecian   Portuguese  Spanish

Year 8 - N° 402 - February 22, 2015

Paraná (Brasil)  
Eleni Frangatos - eleni.moreira@uol.com.br



Allan Kardec

(Part 41)

Continuing with our methodical study of Genesis - Miracles and predictions according to Spiritism by Allan Kardec which had its first edition published on January 6, 1868. The answers to the questions suggested for discussion are at the end of the text below.


A. What is the universal cosmic fluid?

B. Why did Kardec use the expression "psychic phenomenon" rather than "spiritual phenomenon"?

C. Are there fluids that belong to the earthly environment? 

Reading Text 

794. Dreams show the three characters of the visions that we mentioned earlier. Dreams regarding predictions, premonitions and warnings belong to the first two categories of visions. In the third one, i.e., in the fluidic creations of thought, one can find the cause of certain fantastic images that are not real. However, the body feels the counter shock, and there are cases when the hair of the person who is dreaming turns white instantly due to the strong impression of a dream. 

795. Catalepsy. Resurrections - The inert matter is insensitive, and so is the perispirit fluid, but it transmits the sensation to the sensitive center, which is the Spirit. Therefore, painful injuries have an impact on the Spirit like and electric shock through the perispiritual fluid, and it is transmitted by the nerves acting as lead wires. This is the nervous influx of physiologists who, unaware of the relationship of this fluid with the spiritual principle, have not yet been able to explain this effect.

796. The interruption can occur when a limb is separated from the body, or a nerve is sectioned, but this can also happen, in part or in general and with no injury, in moments of emancipation, great concern and of over excitation of the Spirit. In this state, the Spirit does not think of the body and its hectic activity draws the perispiritual fluid. When this fluid is withdrawn from the surface, it produces a momentarily insensitivity.

797. We accept that in certain circumstances, a molecular change occurs in the perispirit fluid. This temporarily cancels the capacity of transmission. That is why, many times, in the middle of a battle, a soldier does not even know that he is wounded, and a person concentrated in a job does not listen to the sounds around her. A similar effect but more pronounced is found in some sleepwalkers, lethargy and catalepsy. Finally, that is how we can explain the lack of sensitivity of those who have convulsions and of many martyrs too. 

798. Paralysis is not caused in the same manner. Here the effect is all organic. The nerves themselves are the conductors that become unfit to fluid circulation. It is as if the strings of an instrument suffer an alteration. 

799. In certain pathological states, when the Spirit leaves the body and the perispirit is only connected to it by a few points, the body is apparently dead and it is an absolute truth to say that life hangs by a thread. This state can last more or less time. Even though some parts of the body may become decomposed, life is not definitively extinguished. 

800. While the last thread does not break, the Spirit can, by a vigorous action of his own will, or by a strange fluid influx, equally strong, be called back to the body. This is how certain facts of an extension of life are explained against all odds and some supposed resurrections too. 

801. However, when the last molecules of the fluidic body leave the carnal body, or when the body has arrived to an irreparable state of degradation, the return to life becomes impossible. 

802. Cures - As already seen, the universal fluid is the primitive element of the body and the perispirit. The body and the perispirit are the same fluid, transformed, and in different conditions. Considering the identity of its nature, this fluid, condensed in the perispirit, can provide principles to repair the body. The Spirit, embodied or disembodied, is the impelling agent that infiltrates part of the substance of its fluidic wrap into a decayed part of the body. 

803. The cure operates by replacing an unhealthy molecule by a sound one. The healing power is therefore in proportion to the pureness of the substance inoculated. But it also depends on the strength of the will.  The greater it is the more it will cause an abundant issue of fluid and the fluid will also be stronger and, therefore, with a higher penetrating power. It also depends on the intentions of the person who wants to cure, be it man or a Spirit. The fluids emanating from an impure source are altered and act in the same manner as altered medicines. 

804. The effects of the fluid on the patients are different and according to each circumstance. Sometimes it is slow and demands a prolonged treatment, as in ordinary magnetism. In other occasions, it acts fast as in an electric current. There are people endowed with such power, operating instant cures in some patients, by just laying on of hands, or by their will. Between the two extreme poles of this power, there are infinite options. 

805. All the cures of this kind are varieties of magnetism and they only differ by the intensity and speed of action. The principle is always the same: the fluid plays the role of a therapeutic agent and its effect depends of its quality, as well as special circumstances. 

806. The magnetic action can be produced in many ways:

1st. By the magnetizer's fluid itself. It is magnetism, or human magnetism. It is based on the power of the fluid and its quality.

2nd. By the Spirits' fluid, acting directly on an embodied and with no intermediary, to heal him or soothe his suffering. It can also cause a spontaneous somnambulistic sleep, so that a physical or moral influence can be exercised over the person. This is spiritual magnetism, and its quality is in direct proportion to the qualities of the Spirit.

3rd. The Spirits transmit the fluids to the magnetizer, who is used as a carrier. It is a mixed magnetism, semi-spiritual, or if you prefer human-spiritual. Combined with the human fluid, the spiritual fluid gives it the qualities it lacks. In such circumstances, the spirits' aid is often spontaneous, however, most of the times it is caused by an appeal of the magnetizer. 

807. It is very common to heal using the fluidic influence and this can be developed through practice. However, to cure instantly, through the laying on of hands, is very rare and its highest level should be considered exceptional. However, at different times and within almost all peoples, there were individuals who possessed this gift in a very high level. 

808. Apparitions. Transfiguration - For us, the perispirit, in its normal state, is invisible. But since it is formed by ethereal substance, the Spirit, in certain cases may, through his own will, operate a molecular change that makes him momentarily visible. This is how apparitions are produced and they cannot occur, like the other phenomena, out of the laws of nature. There is nothing extraordinary in this. It is like steam. When it is very thin it is invisible, but when condensation occurs it becomes visible. 

809. According to the degree of condensation of the perispirit fluid, the apparition is sometimes vague and vaporous, or clearly defined, or still similar to tangible matter. It can even reach real tangibility to the point of misleading the one who sees him regarding the nature of the being before him. 

810. Vaporous apparitions are frequent. This is how many individuals, after they have died, appear to those they are fond of and who are still alive. The tangible apparitions are very rare, although there are evidences of many of them. If the Spirit wants to be recognized he shows in his wrap the same features he had when alive. 

811. Note that tangible apparitions only appear to be carnal and they do not have the abilities of a body. Due to their fluid nature, they do not have the cohesion of matter, because they do not have a body. They are formed instantly and instantly disappear or evaporate by the dissolution of fluidic molecules. The beings that appear in these conditions were not born and they do not die like other men. You can see them and all of a sudden they are gone, you don't know where they came from or where they are going to. No one can kill, arrest or put them in jail, since they lack a body. Such are the characters of these genderless beings with which you can talk to, without suspecting who they are, however, they do not stay for a long time among the humans, and cannot dine with them, nor are they included among the members of a family. 

812. Since the perispirit is the same in the embodied and disembodied, in a moment of freedom, an embodied Spirit can appear in a different place from where his body is at that moment, with the same features and all the signs of his identity. This phenomenon, evidenced in many cases, led to the belief in the "double men". 

Answers to the proposed questions

A. What is the universal cosmic fluid? 

The universal cosmic fluid is the primitive elementary matter. Its changes and transformations give place to the countless variety of bodies in Nature. As a basic principle of the Universe, it is found in two different states: the ethereal or weightlessness state that can be considered the primitive normal state; and the materialization or ponderability state, which in a certain way follows the first one. Each one of these two states originates special phenomena: the phenomena of the visible world, also called material phenomena, belong to the materialization state and are studied by Science. The phenomena of the invisible world, also called the psychic phenomena, belong to the ethereal state and are studied by Spiritism, because they refer to the existence of the Spirits. (Genesis, Chapter XIV, item 2). 

B. Why did Kardec use the expression "phychic phenomenon" rather than "spiritual phenomenon"? 

The Encoder of Spiritism, Kardec, states that the expression psychic phenomena expresses more accurately the "thought", rather than spiritual phenomena, since these phenomena are based on the properties and attributes of the soul, or perispirit fluids, which cannot be separated from the soul. This qualification links them more closely to the order of natural facts governed by laws. Therefore, we can accept them as psychic effects, and not as miracles. (Genesis, Chapter XIV, item 2, and Kardec's footnote).

C. Are there fluids that belong to the earthly environment? 

Yes. Besides the fluidic elements of the spiritual world that escape our analysis tools and senses (made to acknowledge the tangible matter and not the ethereal matter) there are fluids so closely linked to bodily life, that in a certain way they belong to the earthly environment. In the absence of a direct observation, its effects can be observed, but we can acquire some precise knowledge about them. This study is essential because they are the key to a multitude of phenomena that cannot be explained only through the laws of matter. (Genesis, Chapter XIV, item 4).




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