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Editorial Portuguese  Spanish    
Year 6 - N° 287 – November 18, 2012
Francine Prado / francine.cassia@hotmail.com


Marijuana is not harmless, as it has always been proclaimed

In July last year this magazine’s editorial of the issue 218 was focus on decriminalization of marijuana consumption in Brazil, when it was published the Letter of Principles signed in Belo Horizonte by spiritist doctors who attended the VIII Congress of the Spiritist Medical Brazil Association, also known by the acronym Mednesp 2011. Here is the link that allows readers to access the editorial mentioned http://www.oconsolador.com.br/ano5/218/editorial.html

Thirty years ago,  in the book On the Border of Madness (Fronteiras da Loucura), psychographed by Divaldo Franco, published in 1982, and its author, Manoel Philomeno de Miranda, it gave us a view how spiritual mentors evaluate the effect of marijuana and other drugs.

As reported in chapter 11 of the aforementioned book, D. Ruth - disembodied grandmother of the young Fabio she did not understand why, having tried to communicate psychically with the boy, her attempt was unsuccessful. Dr. Bezerra de Menezes explained to her why this occurred.

Let’s see, however, first, what the known physician said on the subject: "The drugs release toxic compounds that permeate the delicate gears of perispirit, hitting it for a long time. Often this shaper of forms prints in future biological organization mutilation and lesions that are the result of toxicants that are soaked in previous existence

Following, Dr. Bezerra explained that drug dependence generated by drugs disarticulates the discernment and stops commands of the center of the will, making their users true rags human, who give up everything for one dose until the complete consumption, which continues, however after death. "Besides facilitating cruel obsessions added the Mentor it reaches the mechanisms of memory, blocking their files and encroaches in brain synapses, responsible for irreparable damage. In turn, the Spirit records its emanations through per spiritual organization, melting up under its corrosive action."

Fabio, the grandson of Sister Ruth, after going through the experience of marijuana, he tried then heavy amphetamines, which produced at him initially stimulus and, soon after, numbness. "That is the reason he didn’t not tune to the psychic interference with Sister Ruth."

We remember the lesson reported to read the article signed by Adriana Dias Lopes about marijuana, highlight in the October 31 issue of this year of magazine Veja, which devoted pages 92 to 100 to the subject, entitled "Marijuana is bad, yes."

The report, based on interviews and impressive numbers of scientists and experts, has sprayed the knowledge and the old argument of the advocates of marijuana uses, according to which the drug would be less harmful than tobacco.

Marijuana - tells the story alluded to - interferes in the synapses, leading to impairment of brain function, such as Dr. Bezerra de Menezes said 30 years ago.

According to the report published by Veja, it is scientifically proven, regarding the consumption of marijuana, the following effects:

- Its users have twice the risk of suffering from depression;

- They also have twice the risk of developing bipolar disorder;

- Therein is 3.5 times higher incidence of schizophrenia;

- The risk of anxiety disorders is five times greater;

- 60% of users have difficulties with recent memory;

- 40% have difficulty reading a long text;

- 40% fail to plan activities efficiently and quickly;

- They have eight points lower on IQ tests;

- 35% hold positions below their capacity.

The conclusions of the report are to us, spiritists, a double meaning.

First, because it confirms that in many cases like this specifically, the spiritual benefactors have been anticipated to scientific disclosures, showing the seriousness of psychographic works by suitable mediums.

Second, because it proves the correctness of understanding adopted by spiritists doctors in the Letter of Principles signed on June 25, 2011 in Belo Horizonte.


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