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Interview Portuguese Spanish    
Year 6 - N° 268 – July 8, 2012
Juiz de Fora, MG (Brasil)
Leonardo Rocha - l.rocha1989@gmail.com

Chico Monteiro: 

“We need to plant the ideas where the energy flows”

The well-known medium talks about the amazing healing sessions that go on in the city of Rio Novo, in Brazil’s Minas Gerais state 

Hundreds of people gather every month at the Parascientific Organisation Adolfo Firtz for healing with the renowned medium Francisco Monteiro, better known in Brazil as Chico Monteiro (photo). They go from all over Brazil and abroad, go through the special chambers where the blue light give the ambience a climate of harmony and peace.

Chico Monteiro lives in Rio de Janeiro, where he carries out other forms of alternative, holistic treatment (aromatherapy, florals etc.) He is also a member of the Federation of the Italian Association of Psychotherapy.  We met him so we could find out more about him: 

Dear Chico Monteiro, how did it all begin? 

We have been on the road doing this job for 31 years, spreading this seed with the grace of the Great Architect of the Universe, God. We notice that there is a convergence of different forms of medicine, conventional and spiritualist. I think that is a great thing. The top university in Brazil, USP, in São Paulo, offers a course on Medicine and Spirituality. Things like that are very important for humankind. 

What is the routine in the healing sessions? 

The phenomenon that takes place is the use of ectoplasm, the energy that emanates from our hands and touch people. We need to plan well, as we see on average 1,500 to 2,000 in a single Saturday. Thank God we have a very strong and dedicated team. 

Tell us a bit more about the spiritual team. 

Thirty-one years ago we began to work together with the spirit, Dr Adolfo Fritz (well-known in Brazil as the spirit of a German doctor who died in the war and came back through different mediums to help them with healing, performing in many cases impromptu surgeries). Other spiritual teams, doctors and scientists began to join us. They are now 423 Benefactors working with us. It is a very big spiritual team and that is very important. New medicaments and equipments are being developed for humankind, so we can enjoy an even better life on Earth. 

Are these new equipments being devised on the Spiritual World or with our technology? 

They are coming from there to our planet. They are already being developed by scientists and engineers on Earth, and in some cases are already being used. 

Is the treatment done on the spiritual body or our material body? 

Treatment starts in the spiritual body and is then brought out to the physical body. The miasmas we have inside of us are taken our away, enabling us to heal. It is the treatment of the future, based on the principles of quantum physics. 

Do patients get prescription for conventional medicines or only homeopathy? 

We use very little conventional medicine these days. In the near future, I believe we will not need it. The medicine will be put straight into the bodies of the patients from the Spiritual World. I believe that is the way forward. 

What is the atmosphere like while people await their treatment? I have heard that there are wonderful scents of flowers in the air, that stones materialise. How does that happen? 

The stones indeed appear thanks to the materialisation done by the spirt José Grosso, a good friend of ours. People feel good with the energy from those stones. They also become aware of the unusual. There is a strong scent of flowers too. The energy in the room is prepared specially to calm down all the patients. 

How does your work relate to the Spiritist Movement in Brazil? 

Once talking to the great Spiritist medium Chico Xavier, he told me: “What you are doing is something that you brought from previous lives, it is something that is meant to be.” I respect all religions but I do not have anything against anything. We receive people from all religions and many countries. We avoid talking about Spiritism so we do not make non-Spiritists uncomfortable. I know all paths take us to God and I believe what will finally change our planet is Spiritualism. 

How long do the treatments last? 

We keep patients’ records. Some people are advised by the Benefactors to come back, others are treated in one go. But some like to come back again and again regardless. 

You are also the author of a book called “I travelled on a Flying Saucer.” Tell us about it. 

I have a strong link with that other side, people from other planets. They are very worried about the future of our planet and the human race. The Spiritual Benefactors and those beings got together to help humankind, which is very good news.  

Are they from the solar system? 

Some are from the solar system, some are from beyond. There is a planet called Noron, very near us, which is all yellow. I am writing a book about it. Everything there is yellow and very beautiful. Gold there does not have the same value as on Earth, and the pavements and houses are all done in gold. I believe it will not be long before we discover that planet. They are very concerned about us. I have many meetings with those beings. People must stop saying “I don’t believe.” We need to establish cooperation, an exchange, so we can develop even faster. 

What is your final message? 

I always say that what really counts is the intent of the seeds we are spreading here in our planet. Let us join our forces for a better world. 





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