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Spiritism for Kids - Célia Xavier Camargo - Portuguese  Spanish
Year 6 - N° 264 - June 10, 2012

Johnny Silveira - silveirajohnny@yahoo.com


Be Yourself


Dewey was a very insecure boy. He always wanted to please and needed the approval of everybody. He wanted to be accepted by the group and feel that all had him in high esteem.

So he was always in doubt about what to do, how to behave and even which clothes he should wear.

He really felt at ease when wearing a pair of faded "jeans" that had a hole in the knee, an orange shirt with purple letters, a very worn out pair of shoes and a red and black plaid cap on his head.

One day, out for a walk dressed like that, he ran into his friend Margaret on the street. She looked at him disapprovingly, and did not miss the chance:

- How terrible, Dewey! Your clothes suck! Nothing goes with anything! I think you should get rid of that cap and wear your blue

shirt. It would be much better! Bye!  

Dewey said goodbye to his friend and could not continue the walk.

He rushed home, put on the blue shirt, took off his cap, changing it for a green and yellow one. He went out again happily, sure he was well dressed and would please people.

He ran into Marc. who invited him to play ball.

- Shall we go, Dewey? It's just that your clothes are pretty lame. Wow, dude, where did you get that the blue shirt? The cap is cool, but that shirt...!

Dewey was playing ball feeling very bad. He
could not wait to go home and change clothes. He had the impression that everyone was staring at him.

Later on, his friends invited him to go to get some ice cream.

Dewey went into full production mode. He showered, put on his new black pants, chose a mustard shirt and put on his glossy brown leather shoes.

When he left the house, his friends were waiting. One of them looked at Dewey with an air of criticism:

- It looks like you just came out of a store!

Carla analysed him conceitedly and gave her opinion:

- The clothes are good, but the shoes do not match the rest.

Then a boy suggested:  

- Why don't you change your clothes to match the shoes?

- No! - said another - I think you should change your shoes to match the outfit.

Dewey was all confused. He returned to his room but did not know what to do.

As he was taking too long and his friends were showing impatience, his mother went to see what was happening.

She entered the child's room and stalled,

amazed. It was a complete mess!

She found Dewey sitting up in bed, undecided, discouraged, lost amidst the clothes and shoes that he had taken out of the closet.

Seeing his mother, he asked for help:

- Mom, I do not know what to do! What should I wear? Everything that I put on, my friends do not like and criticize!

The mother looked at her son with love, understanding his problem.

- My son, we cannot try to please everyone. Not even Jesus, the Master of Masters, managed to do so! So, do what you think is best. Your friends - if they're really your friends – will like you as you are, not because of the clothes you wear.

She paused and concluded:

- The important thing is to please yourself. Be yourself! Your friends act this way because they realized that you are insecure. Be firm, show them what you like, what you think, and they will respect you. Now, let's see: How do you feel really good? What would YOU like to wear?

Dewey thought for a moment, and with a smile from ear to ear, rummaged a pile of clothes until he found what he wanted.

After a few minutes he left home happily. He had put on the purple shirt with orange letters, his faded "jeans" with a hole in the knee, a pair of old shoes and plaid red and black cap on his


The boys stared in surprise. But Dewey, safe and happy, did not even give them time to say anything.

- Now I'm feeling great! Shall we go, guys?

Aunt Celia

Illustrations: Kátia RRR


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