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Spiritism for Kids - Célia Xavier Camargo - Portuguese  Spanish
Year 6 - N° 258 - April 29, 2012

Johnny Silveira - silveirajohnny@yahoo.com


A Change of Life


Rodolfo was a very intelligent boy. He was born in a home with a solid base, where his parents tried to give him the best.

Nevertheless, Rodolfo was not interested in anything that represented the need for study and improvement. What he really liked was to play ball with his friends and to watch television.

His parents worried about the child's behaviour, which result was to do poorly in school, always getting the worst grades in the class.

The teacher warned his parents, asking them to come to school one day to talk:

- Rodolfo is a lively and intelligent boy. However, if things continue like this, he will flunk later this year. Moreover, his friends are not good company and I fear that unless action is taken, we will have serious problems in the future.

Rodolfo's parents thanked the teacher and returned home exceedingly uneasy, wondering what would the best course of action be.

Taking advantage of a propitious moment, they called Rodolfo and began a dialogue with him, telling him, with love, about the need to change his ways.

But the advices and suggestions, appeals for discipline and threats of punishment bore no fruit. Rodolfo was adamant, always responding:

- It's no use. I do not like to study. I want to leave school.

- But, my son, you are only ten years old and have your whole life ahead of you. You need to prepare for the future. You must learn, to enrich yourself inwardly and be a useful citizen to society when you grow up.

- It's no use. This is the life that I like. I do not want to study more.

Both parents were silent seeing the futility in continuing to talk with him.

They went to bed concerned. What to do?

Raising their thoughts to the Creator, they begged for help in educating the child. They were Spiritists and did not ignore that Rodolfo was a spirit who had come to earth to progress, and that they, his parents, were responsible for his life.

A friendly Spirit, who was the boy's grandmother when incarnated, touched with the situation of the parents and also worried about the future of her grandson, willing help, had an idea.

She approached the boy's bed, who just lied down and waited.

Falling asleep, Rodolfo left his body and saw his

grandmother beside the bed with arms outstretched toward him:

- Come, Rodolfo, I want you to see some interesting things.

- Grandma Lucy! Where are we going?

- You will see. Come with me.

Taking her grandson's hand, the lady took him through space volitanting at high speed. Rodolfo was surprised and thrilled with the news. He liked adventures.

They came down to a very beautiful place where children performed an outdoor concerto in the midst of a garden, playing beautiful melodies.

Amazed and feeling great well-being, Rodolfo said:

- What a beauty! Where are we, Grandma?

- In a world far from Earth.

- I would like to know how to play music this beautiful! - He said.

- Yes, but this requires the effort of learning. These children are long engaged in the art of music.

Leaving that environment of peace and harmony, the grandmother took Rodolfo to another place, equally beautiful and enjoyable, where many children were devoted to art, some drew, some painted and some other carved exquisite statues.

- How can they make so beautiful and perfect things? - Rodolfo asked, amazed.

- Ah! They needed a lot of effort, dedication and perseverance to develop the art that they  now express.

Thence, in another place that looked like a school, Rodolfo saw children writing poems and texts that would be later used in books.

- But they are just kids! - he considered - How can they write so well?

- They are Spirits who dedicated themselves to literature and are preparing to send to incarnates the result of their work and their achievements. But to do so, they had to study hard.

Leaving the saturated environment of harmony, the grandma took Rodolfo elsewhere. Moving away from those celestial and pleasant places, with a clear blue sky, they plunged into a heavy atmosphere, with dense fog, where Rodolfo saw dark creatures, ugly looking, suffering, weeping and wailing.

Frightened, his heart pounding, Rodolfo asked:

- What is this place, Grandma? Who are these people?

Staring sympathetically at those unfortunate spirits, the lady explained:

- These, Rodolfo, are spirits who, on Earth, only thought of enjoying life, given to selfishness and uselessness. They lived only for themselves. They did not seek to advance, learn

and improve intimately. Today, they reap what they sowed. You saw sidereal regions of great beauty where good spirits are dedicated to the improvement of their capabilities, seeking out the best for themselves and others.

This is the opposite side of the coin. Where there was selfishness, laziness and indifference, now lives pain, suffering and remorse for not having taken advantage of the opportunities that God gave them.

Frightened, Rodolfo wanted to get away from that place full of cries and moans. He saw nothing else and woke up at his bed, bathed in sweat, trembling with fear.

The day began to dawn. Rodolfo clearly remembered the dream he had with Grandma Lucy. He felt that it was not a dream, that he actually had met with his grandmother.

When his mom came to wake him up for school, which was always a difficult time, she found him dressed and ready to have breakfast.

Surprised, the mother asked, noticing the


- What is it, my son?

- Nothing. Today I feel like studying.

Aunt Celia



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