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Spiritism for Kids - Célia Xavier Camargo - Portuguese  Spanish
Year 5 - N° 249 - February 26, 2012

Johnny Silveira - silveirajohnny@yahoo.com


The Handicap

Frankie, awaited with much love by his parents, was born with a small problem: he had one leg slightly shorter than the other.

Living in a poor small town, his parents were happy with the baby, not worrying about the defect and believing that it would resolve with time.

The years passed and Frankie became increasingly smart and active, surrounded by the love of his family. Now, they were living in a bigger and more beautiful city where he had friends, played around and had fun.


One day, however, Frankie was playing on the sidewalk with some friends when he fell out with Mark, one of the boys. They kicked and punched each other and rolled on the floor.

A man who was watching the fight, managed to separate the two. However, Mark, full of anger rose from the ground and wiping the tears from his face, shouted:

- You crippled! You will pay me! ...

Hearing those words, Frankie was red with anger and humiliation. While the other boys wanted to resume the game, he refused, saying he needed to go home.

From that day on, Frankie became sad and silent. He no longer wanted to play with his friends or go for a walk. He did not want to do anything.

His mother, worried with the boy's behaviour, asked him:

- What happened, my son? You've been sad, quiet; you don't want to play anymore! ...
Lowering his head, Frankie began to cry:

- Mommy, why was I born this way?

- What do you mean, dear? - replied his mother, surprised.

- Crippled! A boy called me crippled! ...

The mother placed him in her lap and embraced him lovingly, then said tenderly:

- Son, you're not crippled. There's a slight difference with your legs that is barely noticeable! And you were never bothered with it! ... Has this defect ever prevented you from doing anything?

- No! - he replied, shaking his head.

- Thus, son, God knows what He does. Also, our Heavenly Father may have wanted you to be careful. It is as if He said: “- Frankie, look what you do with your leg! Everything I give you is to be put to good use!” Got it, darling?

- More or less. Is it because I can use it for evil?

- Exactly, son. You can hurt someone or you can walk down a bad path, complicating your life. The problem with your leg is something that you brought with you from the past, that is, from another lifetime when you probably hurt someone. When we do something negative, we create a mark in the spiritual body and are reborn with it to try to fix our mistake.

- Ah! ... I got it now. You mean I need to treat everyone well and not fight with anyone. But I will continue to have this defect this entire lifetime?

- Who knows? We can even look for a good doctor who will solve your problem. But, the truth, my son, is that it means nothing! Come with me. Let's go for a visit.

The mother took Frankie to an institution that cared for children with various disabilities.

There were children who were blind, deaf, mute, paralysed, missing limbs, mentally handicapped and with all sorts of problems.

Seeing them, the boy felt his heart grow with compassion. He talked to the people who took care of them, with the children who could speak and realized that, despite everything, they were happy! Depending on the possibilities, they joked, laughed and sang.

Frankie returned home feeling different.

- Thanks, Mom. Now I know I have no problem at all. I have legs to walk, I can go to school, I have hands to get what I want, I can think and learn, go cycling and do a lot of other things.

He paused, smiled and jumped into his mother's lap, giving her a big hug as he said:

- I thank God for everything He gave me. Especially the mother I have!


(Psychographed by Celia Xavier de Camargo on 06.02.2012.)


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