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Year 5 - N° 249 - February 26, 2012

Laje do Muriaé, RJ (Brasil)

Renata Rinaldini - renatarinaldini@hotmail.com


Spiritism: a matter of public utility 

Rita Garcia Côre

Let us not leave Spiritism under the candlestick of accommodation, but  share it in its entirety and the world will thank you

How dare this title, the reader will think! Exaggeration? Is it a joke? I say no. These are times of disbelief. In the case of Western culture,  illusions fall away from dogmas, from myths and from rituals of the religions of Romanized Christianity. A visit to the social networks on the Internet  and one will witness irreverent cartoons  about God, religion and Jesus. There are communities  of atheists, where people play with Satanism, witchcraft and sorcery. 

We also know of people’s great interest in horror films that deal with the "afterlife" - with scary costumes, or other hit films which investigate the same topic, together with approaches about reincarnation and psychic phenomena.  And if, on the one hand, we see a  neo atheism somewhat anarchic and provocative, without strong arguments, on the other hand, there are plenty of magical and esoteric fads, with the resumption of old prophecies of eschatological character: the end of times,  the Age of Aquarius, a chaotic cauldron, seething with conflicting doubts and indifference to life. Basically, a mask for fear, insecurity and loss of ground. 

For centuries, the so-called moral values ​​were dictated from above by institutions representing the figure of God on earth. But because the concept of God, determined by the so-called traditional religions,  has no place, so, "here is where they killed It (the concept)." Or rather, the concept faded away because it never existed. 

It is good to explain what we mean by the "godless". They are the philosophers of the late eighteenth century to the present day and a good part of humanity. It does not include the religious who, firm in the faith, cultivate spirituality as an essential body of their life and their moral behaviour guided by so-called divine laws. To them we offer our respect.

But what about the others? How to bring them to consciousness of God? Here we come with our program of "public utility". The spiritist concept  of God is philosophical, of course. The Spiritist Doctrine has the humility to recognize that we do not understand God, because we do not have the "sense" for it. But we can prove its existence by its effects. In this case, we see that life is intelligent. Today more than ever we know this: DNA, stem cells, the elements of the universe that are in the constitution of earth itself and our bodies and so forth. Now, if Life is clever is because it has an intelligent cause. 

That which keeps the cosmic order, the order of life that in the present time is fashionably named the Universal Whole,  is called God.

This Cause - unknown to us, but we perceive and we sense, because we are transcendent beings (enough to just have a minimum sensitivity to recognize this reality) - is what is called God. The word in its remote origin means light.Anyway, it is what keeps the cosmic order, the order of life which today is fashionably named the Universal Whole , that which moves everything is called God.  God is in the most distant galaxy, the dust of the stars, in you and no matter what we think about it. There isno need to believe in God. Ultimately God is not ONE BEING. When Science seeks the cause of life, the origin of the universe, it seeks God by another name. And when science affirms that God does not exist, it has every reason to do so , as the "god"  such the one presented by religions  is an image made ​​in the likeness of man and accordingly to the culture in which one operates God has had many faces that it really is no more than a mythological concept.

The spiritist philosophy has humility before the Intelligence of Life; recognition of this magnificent orchestration that man cannot yet understand. But it is also what we have seen with Stephen Hawking, for example, in a presentation of Discovery Channel. The English scientist, after stating he is agnostic, said that life is worth living just to admire the mysterious grandeur of the universe and search for it incessantly. The final moment of the program, with the image of the stars in the background and the man physically limited by a progressive disease that robbed him of the movements and voice, was a true encounter with God. Full of God and perhaps having more conscious of God’s concreteness than many religious people. My Dear Mr Hawking, the god that you do not really believe in, does not exist. To resist the disease, to insist on scientific research, placing one’s intelligence in service of humanity is God’s light, its uninterrupted Big Bang, is your Light. It is the Supreme Intelligence to reflect on his divine humanity.  We see that the spiritist concept  of God does not conflict with that of Science, it does not set narrow rules.

Everything walks and everything evolves and Earth is a spaceship and is a home for us, strolling in the infinite following the sun 

We know from the Primary Cause of life some of its laws which go on  unfolding as we progress in knowledge and morality. To be in harmony with these laws, which are fact compatible and natural with the cosmic order, is an impositive from nature and not a religious postulate. So to be good, do good, has nothing to do with a particular church preaching, or with what mum and dad want you to do, or with social rules, but with the well-being of the individual as part of the universe. Astonished? Do you really think that the universe begins after the clouds? Or after the Earth or the Moon?  You better understand that your grounded feet place your head towards the infinite. Have you understood the gravity of the situation? What matters is that you are also a part of the universe.  So we better get on with the universe and its immutable laws whilst we are on our way.

Here comes Spiritism again. Everything walks and everything evolves and the Earth is a spaceship and is a home for us, strolling in the infinite following the sun which goes on conducting according to the order of the Milky way  which goes on and on. 

Suddenly a bunch of buzz heads appear with the Mayan calendar and the alignment of the stars in our galaxy!What a frisson!  They believe in the evolution of the universe and in the end of the world – so they try to escape to someplace to wait for aliens.  Darwin’s theory is studied and it is agreed that “we transform ourselves” when we were matter in bygone days, to be now very different from what we were during cave times – but it is so difficult to believe in Spirit!!  Well, where is intelligence??

If the thinking being is confined to the brain ; why do brains that are identical in their structure and formation not possess the same potential? Complex! The brain has not yet  been properly understood, right?? But it has been admitted that other states of matter beyond the traditional ones (solid, liquid and gas) exist. Oops! Is there "something intangible" which we could call Spirit and which acts on the brain? If there is, is it "brand new"? Or "brand new cosmic energy ? “ Well, what a trick of evolution! The body we have is formed is by a matter that carried on evolving for millions of years to have this skin, this way of walking, this look  which are all so cool ...   The body learned to blink your eyes, to chew, the teeth became more beautiful,  paws became hands and matter continues to evolve! 

What if we are two? Spirit and body? The body dies and you carry on. Oh, what a fright! Where does the Spirit go to?

Some say jokingly that some babies are born with teeth,  with small hands which can reach mobile phones quickly and that they are nowadays even born already carrying a tablet or Smartphone. What about the Spirit? Has it learned nothing? Is it rubbish? Talk to steer sleeping? If there is Spirit and Matter, both are subject to the Law of Evolution. Done.  Here is reincarnation.But a subject for another article as this is already quite large. Let’s carry on.But  this is Natural Law. It is not a matter of belief. The matter is studied by scholars who have no creed. O.K. then.Let’s move on.If there is Spirit, ultimately something more dense than matter which "we see and touch," but which is  as concrete as matter. The body on becoming decomposed at physical death; does the spirit also decay? Well, some say, "science has not established whether there is life after death." But has it proved the contrary? How can it do that? Poor Galileo!! During his time “science” had no “proofs” of his theory or calculus yet!! What about now? Well, just taking a look at the history of mankind and its wonderful discoveries will not do any harm to anyone.At least it teaches us that the future can reserve big surprises for us ! And what about death? Can it reserve surprises for us? That is the question. That was the same dilema as Hamlet’s. As the old saying goes, “A man forewarned is forearmed." And this old saying is very fitting here. What if we are two? Spirit and body? The body dies and the spirit carries on. What a big fright!! Where does the spirit go to? If there is life after death only to those who follow a determined religion?

If the spirit survives, this is a Law of Nature and it is universal. By analogy if we compare our evolutionary journey as everyday life. Think about the body. Do you drink, eat too much? Do you drive whilst under the influence of alcohol?Do you think your body will do well? Are you in  harmony with the natural laws or do your excesses lead you to feel unwell, to be unbalanced and fall sick?Then man, you are broken. Are you sullen, spiteful, aggressive, disloyal to your wife, do you use drugs, abuse  sex, humiliate others, not follow social rules, not have any limits. Man, you are a  total wreck. Time to reason: if you are a spirit, the spirit is the one who does the thinking and carries out all the above mentioned in your “record”. The body is the instrument of the spirit. Such life, such a death. If you die, in Spirit you are “beaten up”. And it has not got the protection of the body. 

Spiritism, more than ever must be Spiritism. It is not enough to preach just moral principles in our speeches.

Let's say that the passage from death is to another dimension, a vibratory rate which is different from the one we inhabit and compatible with your new state of "bare wire". That is it, you will be exposed to pains, to the consequences of your actions.Punishment? No. Law of cause and effect. Everything very natural, as the universal laws are. !  So you will move through regions of turmoils, consciential torments and find spirits under the same conditions as you! So it is not worth abusing it!! But ... relief may appear.  There are always good spirits everywhere. The help may come, but each one has to take care of oneself.

On the flip side, say in another incarnation, you learned one little bit. So you will lead a life without foolish rebellion, in a balanced and healthy manner, seeking to be good, looking after your health care, doing good ultimately striving to be good as much as possible, improving yourself morally. The body stays. The spirit moves on. How beautiful! After a slight disturbance, as if it was somnolence, you will find people (yes, spirits are people) like you, with a tendency to do good. Isn’t that better? But there is no need to wait for another incarnation. Start now.

So, being good is not a matter of pleasing A or B, it is a matter of intelligence! This is a Natural Law from which we cannot escape. However, as we are living moments of irreverence towards religions, God and Jesus ; the logical explanation of Spiritism is one invaluable tool to help bring order to the chaos.  For those disillusioned with the institutions that are so worn out by centuries of accumulated errors in deviations from the true teachings of the Master of Nazareth, Spiritism by taking from Him the robes of myth, the legends that shrouds Him, reintroduces His doctrine to us, as a compass in stormy sea, placed in the boat safe with Reasoned Faith, in the light of reincarnation.

Therefore, Spiritism, more than ever must be Spiritism.  It is not enough to simply preach moral principles in our speeches and studies.  If this was enough, there would not have been any need for the Consoler to come. There is no reason to give up the doctrinal basis on the pretext of establishing sympathies with traditional beliefs.. To respect them, yes and always, but without attacking them and lead Spiritism as a light in the darkness of uncertainty and weariness of a humanity full of mistakes.Enlighten consciences, to explain about life and good is, at the moment, a matter of public utility!Do not leave Spiritism under the candlestick of accommodation. Share it in its entirety, the world will thank you.


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