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Special Portuguese Spanish    

Year 4 - N° 177 – September 26, 2010

Guanhães, Minas Gerais (Brasil)
Renata Rinaldini - renatarinaldini@hotmail.com


Did Chico Xavier really psychograph books?

 (Second and Final Part)

It is in this manner that we will find expressions such as "I was enraptured in spirit", "I was enraptured in ecstasy", "I was taken in spirit" and "I was moved by the spirit". The latter leading the reader to believe that perhaps this Spirit is the Holy Spirit, in whom they believe. Other narratives tell us the reality of the withdrawal of the Spirit of

John, with the consequent possession of his body by the revealing Spirit, Jesus. Hence it is easy to understand why John, though uneducated, wrote, as this mediumistic occurrence is characterised as a mechanical mediumship, where the Spirit of the medium is moved away from the body, so that the communicating Spirit makes use of that body to give his message. 

In this type of mediumship the medium produces things far beyond his own current knowledge, however he does not keep any memory of the events which occurred, because they are not recorded in his physical memory.

Did Chico Xavier really psychograph books?

To those who don't know, Chico Xavier, attended only primary school and, in an analysis of the contents of what he produced through his mediumship, we find knowledge far beyond his own school culture. He succeeded in his first mediumship work, Parnassus from beyond the Grave, in automatically writing 256 poems from 56 authors. These poems perfectly identify with the known style of the poets of the messages. Who knows; perhaps a genius would be able to do this, but that wasn't the case with Chico. 

An expert in graphoscopy, Carlos Augusto Perandréa, after analyzing a message received in Italian, a language which was unknown to Chico, in comparison with writings of that person when alive, as it indicates on his book find Psychography  in the light of grafoscopy, attests:

 “The message automatically written by Francisco Cândido Xavier, on July 22nd, 1978, assigned to Ilda Mascaro Saullo, contains, according to demo photos (fig 13 to 18), in ' number ' and ' quality ', substantial and compelling graphical features of graphic genesis for the revelation and identification of Ilda Mascaro Saullo as author of the questioned message ". (PERANDRÉA, 1991, page 56.) 

It is good to mention that after "700 technical reports, without a single contestation in 25 years of operation, provide Professor Perandréa, knowledge, ability and high credibility to study psychography impartially and scientifically". (APPOLONI, 1991.)

We must record that he was a son of a Catholic family and, according to Marcel Souto Maior, "At the end of his studies, Professor Carlos Augusto Perandréa – at the time a professor of the Department of Applied Pathology, Legislation and Deontology of the Universidade Estadual de Londrina – became converted to Spiritism. (SOUTO MAIOR, 2004, page 23). It is precious piece of information because there always arise, those who want to disqualify the reports of Prof. Perandréa by saying he is a spiritist, i.e. done by a spiritist, as if this was enough to overturn him. Whoever may have that intention can simply submit a rebuttal expert document, then of course, one would be outside of fanaticism and moving towards something more scientific than a simple dispute without basis. 

And, even in the case of scientific research being done by spiritists, only a rebuttal is that which could knock it. We quote for example that which was carried out by Paul Rossi Severino and team of AME-SP, from which the book “Life Triumphs: research on messages received by Chico Xavier” was published. After analysis of 45 letters-messages received by him, it was concluded, among other things presented in twenty-five charts (SEVERINO, 1992, page 279-291): 

a) 62.2% of communicants were Catholics; 

b) 42.2% of informants sought Chico only once, 33.3% two to three times;

c) 93.3% of informants were not known by Chico before death; 

d) 71.1% letter- messages had reports of personal facts; 

e) 60.0% used peculiar phrases when they were alive; 

f) 57.8% contained the peculiar style of the communicant; 

g) 35.6% submitted identical signatures and 22.2% similar ones; 

h) 88.9% of those who authenticated the communication were a group of more than 3 persons; 

I) 62.2% of the messages quoted over six facts that were proven; 

j) 100% hit in the messages. 

Here is the conclusion reached: "The evidences of the survival of the Spirit are very strong." (SEVERINO, 1992, page 278.) Certainly we will always be ready to see any rebuttal to this research.

An interesting snippet narrated in the book Our Friend Chico Xavier

"The other case of xenoglossy occurred after visiting, together with Dr. Romulo Dantas, the farm owned by Dr. Louis Uslar; a Luxembourgish engineer and founder of Monlevade Plant of the Belgian-Mineira Company in Molevade (Minas Gerais). After their return, in one of his prayers, he receives a message in Luxembourgish, addressed to the engineer, who on reading it was taken by great surprise and admiration: it was written in his national language, with such perfection, that only those intellectuals of his motherland would be able to understand it”. 

 "It is necessary to note that very few people in our country speak Luxembourgish. It would necessary to finger pick them, because this language is spoken in a European country that has a total population of 340,000 inhabitants, which is equivalent to our seaside town, Santos ". (COSTA E SILVA, 1995, p. 145).

In this same book a case where Chico psychographed in reverse, English is cited (p. 146). An unusual fact for anyone who does not speak or write in that language.

"With more than 400 publications and 25 million copies sold, Chico Xavier is unquestionably one of the largest editorial phenomena of the country. The only Brazilian who surpassed him is Paulo Coelho, with 30 million books sold "[1]. Indeed, several of them are translated and published in Castilian, Esperanto, French, English, Japanese, Greek, etc. So, the facts are those which point to the veracity of Chico Xavier’s psychography and that if these works were assigned to the Spirits we should then, for consistency, have him occupy a place in the Brazilian Academy of Literature. 


From behind all this we clearly perceive that what really has been questioned is the possibility of communication between the living and the dead. As already said by us "God is the God of the living", so why could there be no communication between the two plans of life? Just because some theologians believe there isn’t? But what about the researches on the subject- aren’t they worth anything?

We could cite the researches carried out by Mr. William Crookes and countless other wise men, however, they may present objections relevant to the time when they were carried out and many more. But we will not go so far. We strive to add to what we have said, the testimony of a Catholic priest. Exactly, for being a priest is why his opinion is important, as we know that though it may not be the official position of the Catholic Church, almost all priests say that the communication with the "dead" is not possible. A position which we find very strange, as we do not know any living Saint, but nevertheless Catholics still evoke them, asking them to solve their problems of everyday life. The call upon the Saints to intercede for them with God, as we often seek the help of a person to get a favour from another one who is more influential.

Priest François Brune, a Catholic researcher of the Instrumental Trans-Communication - communication with the spirits by electronic means tells us the following:

"To ask questions about the origins, in Western thought, of this recent ideology of nothing, is not my purpose”.
The more outrageous is the silence, the disdain, even censorship exercised by Science and by the Church, regarding the most extraordinary incontestable discovery of our time: the after-life exists and we can communicate with those whom we call dead.

I wrote this book to try to overturn this thick wall of silence, of incomprehension, ostracism, erected by most Western media intellectuals. For them, to discuss eternity is tolerable; to say that one can live it becomes more debatable; to affirm that one can enter into communication with it is considered intolerable.
The priest and theologian that I am, wanted, as it is said, to make sure of the full truth. Why all these testimonies should be a priori, considered suspect? When the content of messages and communications recorded together, as I demonstrate, the largest mystical texts of different traditions, there is in this more than a mere coincidence. I followed then and passionately studied the results of the most recent researches in this field. The conclusions of this work exceeded my expectations: not only the scientific credibility of the experiences of communication with the dead is confirmed and can no longer be doubted, but the prodigious wealth of literature from the beyond revived in me what centuries of theological intellectualism had extinguished. (BRUNE, 1991, p.15.)  

“Vox ‘patris’ Vox Dei”.Period. 



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