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Spiritism for Kids - Célia Xavier Camargo - Portuguese  Spanish
Year 4 - N° 175 – September 12, 2010

Carolina von Scharten - carolinavonscharten@yahoo.com


Love and discipline


Once upon a time, there was a little girl called Veena who was refusing the glass of milk her mom was kindly offering her.

— I don’t want it. I don’t like milk.

Her mom tried to convince with love and kindness. She talked about the importance of drinking milk for children’s development. She was a very spoiled child who then dropped the glass full of milk onto the floor.

Mrs. Dalva got a piece of cloth and cleaned the floor, patiently.

She then suggested other types of food, such as cereal, sandwiches, even biscuits.

Veena then screamed:

— No, no and no!

Her mom felt quite tired and gave up. Veena was only four years old, but was extremely difficult to handle and she only did whatever she wanted. If she didn’t get what she wanted, she caused a fuss. She had anger crises, during which she would lay on the floor and scream. It didn’t matter where she was.

She never wanted to eat properly. If asked, she would say she wanted: popcorn, ice cream, chocolate and candies.

— But dear, it’s lunch time! — her mom would say.

If she didn’t get what she wanted, she would not eat anything. Her mom would then feel concerned for her health.

The situation was so serious she didn’t know what to do. Mrs. Dalva decided to pray.

She elevated her thoughts to Jesus and begged for help in order to educate her child. She was lost. She learned that Jesus’ teachings were based in love. This was exactly what she was doing. She was educating her child with love!

She then opened a book of messages and read: Love requires discipline. She then understood this was the answer to her wonders.  

She reflected a lot and decided to change her tactics.

On the following day, at breakfast time, she placed a glass with coffee and milk in front of Veena, as well as bread with butter.

The little girl then looked at it and said she didn’t want to eat it. Her mom then said:

— It’s ok. You won’t eat anything until lunch time.

Veena got up and went out to play. She then came back asking for some biscuits.

— No, my dear. You will have to wait until lunch time.

The girl complained but her mom didn’t give in.

It was now lunch time and her mom prepared some food for them. It smelled delicious!

Veena looked at the dished placed at the table: Rice, beans, beef and salad. She then said:

— I don’t want this. I want french fries.

Her mom didn’t pay much attention to her and started to talk to her husband who just came home for lunch. He was rushing to be able to go back to work.

— Mom, did you hear what I said? I don’t want to eat this. I want french fries! 

Mrs. Dalva looked at her and said, firmly:

— Yes, I heard what you said. If you don’t want to eat, you don’t have to. But you won’t eat anything else. Feel free to search around the house, but you won’t find any biscuits, chocolates or anything else.

Veena felt quite surprised. She then looked as if she was being hurt by her mom. She then laid on the floor and started to cry.

Mrs. Dalva continued to talk to her husband, as if she was ignoring her scene. Once Veena noticed no one was paying attention to her, she stopped crying. She then stoop up and came closer to her mom.

— Why are you doing this to me, mom? Don’t you love me anymore? — she said in tears.

Her mom hugged her and said with kindness:

— Mummy loves you very much, dear. But because I love you I need to teach you to become a more disciplined child; a better child. Did you understand? Everything has got the right timing. Time for bed, for shower, to go to school, to eat, to have desert. Our body needs a certain portion of food to live healthy. If you only eat snacks, you could get weak and sick. Besides, did you know there are children who are so poor they don’t have any food at home? They would feel so happy with the food we have at home, the one you reject.

Veena thought for a while and answered:

— I got it, mom. My friend Esther is very poor and doesn’t have much food at home. Can I eat now?

Her mom then prepared something for her. She ate everything. As soon as Veena finished, her mom offered:

— You can have some desert now, if 

you want.

The little girl accepted it. She had a banana.

As her mom prepared a snack so Veena could take it to school, the girl suggested:

— Mom, can I take a banana for my friend Esther? She loves them. I am sure she will enjoy it!

Her mom hugged her with love and thanked Jesus for the help she received. This was exactly what she needed to educate her child: love with discipline. She knew she was now on the right path.

                                                                  Aunt Celia


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