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Editorial Portuguese  Spanish    
Year 4 - N° 175 – September 12, 2010


Fernanda Trebien / ftrebien@hotmail.com


The lessons brought by the book The Astral City

Few people understand the objective that led to the preparation and subsequent publication of "The Astral City". The movie “The Astral City” has been based on the novel by Chico Xavier and has been achieving, since the beginning of the month, a great success in the Brazilian cinema screens.

It is important to mention that the book came out in early 1944, when Chico Xavier had not yet completed 34 years and was not that famous in Brazil, what would only happen in the 1970’s, due to the success of the famous program Pinga-Fogo on TV.

The years have passed and new books came to complement the information contained in The Astral city. As the Spiritists know, "The Astral City" ended up being chosen in a survey conducted by organizations Candeia as the most important spiritist book of the 20th century (1).

The main reason for this choice, according to the institution that conducted the survey, is due to the fact that "The Astral City” has presented the first major description of the spiritual plane; which would be crucial for the spiritist studies and research conducted in Brazil and abroad, especially regarding to mediumnship and obsessive processes.

However, its lessons are not limited to these aspects, as pointed out by Emmanuel and Andre Luiz in the introduction of the book.

Emmanuel has written in the book’s preface: "We realize that this book is not the only one of its kind. Others have already described the conditions of life beyond the grave ... Nevertheless, we are glad to have drawn to our spiritual circles one who might transmit an account of his own experiences. He gives us as much details as possible to clarify the laws that preside over the efforts of diligent spirits of good will in spheres which are invisible to human eyes, although intimately connected with this planet." 

Later on, Emmanuel warns: "The Spiritist Doctrine is rapidly increasing the number of its adepts. Thousands of people are taken interest in its work, methods and experiments. Yet, faced with a world of novelties, man must not neglect his most important goal – his own spiritual growth. It is not sufficient to investigate phenomena, adhere verbally to any doctrine, collect and improve statistics, exhort the conscious of others, gain converts or win public approval, however commendable all this may be in the physical plane. It is essential to acquire the knowledge about our infinite potential, and to use it in the service of good.” 

According to the words of Emmanuel, who coordinated the mediumistic work of Chico Xavier, Andre Luiz came to tell us that the greatest surprise of bodily death is that it places us face to face with our own conscience, where we build our heaven, remain in the purgatory or plunge ourselves into the inferno abysses. Man should not cling to his human existence. It is necessary to know how to use that existence worthily. The steps of a Christian, whatever his religion affiliation, should move truly towards Christ. To this end we have great need of Spiritism and Spiritualism, but most of all, Spirituality."

From the introduction signed by Andre, we can highlight the following wise words, which we should always bear in mind when conducting our steps throughout or existence:

"One life is but a single act.

One body a garment.

One century - a day.

One task - an experience.

One triumph - an acquisition.

One death - a breath of renovation.

How many lives, how many bodies, how many centuries, how many tasks, how many triumphs, how many deaths are still allotted to us”.


 (1) Go to http://www.oconsolador.com.br/ano4/171/especial2.html and access the article about the best spirit books of the 20 century, which was published in the edition 171. 


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