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Year 3 - N° 130 – October 25, 2009

Londrina, Paraná (Brasil) 
Marcelo Damasceno do Vale - marcellus.vale@gmail.com


Apometry is not Spiritism

Obsessor and obsessed are sick creatures that need the
affection and of the attention of the ones that are devoted
to the disobsession; if these ingredients lack, we will be before
something that differs of the Spiritism codified by Kardec

One of my consanguineous siblings more wanted, that disincarnated in Curitiba ten years ago, was for certain enthusiastic time of the ideas of the Dr. José Lacerda concerning the Apometry, a term that few knew to that time and that, obviously, it didn't raise the discussions that today if they turned frequent in the Spiritist Movement.

Passing some days in his house, what was then very common in face of my professional commitments, I could read that, according my brother, was the most important work of the Dr. Lacerda concerning the subject. The reading demanded few hours, but intrigued me because the ritualistic then suggested hurt one of the known beginnings of the spiritist practice, that is the complete absence of rituals. My initial strangeness elapsed of the fact that, concerning the theme disobsession, besides all of the works that speak to depth about the method and the purpose of the spiritist practice, nobody can ignore the simplicity than Kardec wrote, first in the "Spiritist Magazine", later in THE Gospel according to the Spiritism, cap. 28, items 81 and following.

The spiritist methodology, exposed there by the Codifier, it is for too much simple and it can be summarized in a known concept: - The problem of the obsession is not solved without we take care of the agent and of the patient. The proposal exorcist, so common in certain time in the Catholic middle and in the breast of the Protestant churches, it is quite ineffective, as ineffective it is the practice umbandistic when it only intends the litigants' removal.

Synthesizing what countless authors already wrote, Suely Caldas Schubert tells us in the  book Obsession/Disobsession (1st Part, cap. 14, pp 76 and 77) that for us to assist to the obsessed is necessary to help the whole phalange of executioners that surrounds him simultaneously. Little by little those less happy entities are attracted for the disobsession meeting, so that, when the boss of the crowd communicates, almost all their representatives were already assisted and directed.

Obsessor and obsessed are sick creatures and, as such,  they  deserve the affection and the attention of

the ones that are devoted to that occupation. If these ingredients miss the disobsessive practice, we will be before other thing, but not of the Spiritism codified by Kardec. 

The practices of the Apometry are in total disagreement with the recommendations of The Book of Médiuns 

Here is the one what the acquaintance colleague Divaldo Franco said on Apometry, in lecture done utter in August of 2001, as registered by the program Spiritist Presence of the Radio New Good, available in http://www.oespiritismo.com.br/textos/ver.php?id1=91 in the internet:

"The carioca doctor, resident in Porto Alegre, Dr. José Lacerda since the fifties, spiritist that was then, it began to accomplish at a small room of the Spiritist Hospital of Porto Alegre, called the House of the Garden, normal mediunics activities. With the time he received instructions of the Spirits and it accomplished personal investigations that disembogued in a movement to which he gave the name of Apometry.

I won't enter in the merit nor in the study of the Apometry because I am not one follower, I am spiritualistic. What can saying is that the Apometry, according to the followers, is not Spiritism, since their practices are in total disagreement with the recommendations of The Book of Médiuns.

We won't examine the merit or demerit here because I don't practice the Apometry, but according to the books that they have been published, the Apometry, according to the presumption of some, is an advanced step of the spiritualistic movement in which Allan Kardec would be passed. Allan Kardec was the proposal for the century XIX and for part of the century XX and the Apometry is the step more developed in which Allan Kardec totally meets outdated - theory with the one which, in spiritualist's condition, I don't agree at all.

In practice and in the methods of liberation of the obsessors, the violence that said methods they present, to me, to me personally, I think so shocking that he/she makes to remember of the law of Talion that Moses softened with the legal code and that Jesus exalted through the love.

When the entities are rebellious, the counselor, after they accomplish a cabalistic counting or of they have the very specific gestures, they expel for the violence that Spirit for the magma of the Earth, the substance still in ebullition of our planet."

The Spiritist House is not an alternative clinic, where all new experience goes put in execution 

"They put him - Divaldo continues - in space capsules and they shoot him for the world of the erraticity. We won't examine the freaky question of that behavior, but if me, in the condition of imperfect Spirit that I am, it arrived desperate in a place asking for mercy and support in my madness, and somebody else, my close one, exiled me for the magma of the Earth, for me to try the hardness of a mythological hell or to be disintegrated, I would renounce that God that inspired that opponent of the compassion.

Or if it ordered me in a space capsule so that it was expelled of the Earth. With which authority? When Jesus said that his kingdom belongs to the beggars.

In the parable of the Wedding Feast, he orders to look for the beggars, those that are in the rough places since the elect ones refused and they killed their ambassadors.

The Spiritist Doctrine is centralized in the love and all those new practices, of the mentalizations, of the currents mental magnetics, psycholethargic, for us spiritualistic they deserve every respect, but they don't have to do anything with Spiritism. It would be the same as the practices of the Therapy of Last Existences we to accomplish inside of the spiritualistic house or of the cromotherapy or of the cristal therapy, totally escaping from our purpose.

The Spiritist House is not an alternative clinic, it is not place where all new experience goes put in execution.

I am sure that those that adopt those methods new, first, don't know the bases of Kardec and, to the they know them, they never lived them for us to be sure. That would be to deny the whole material revealed by the spiritual world on these 144 years of code, in Brazil and in the world, for Chico Xavier's incomparable second sight, the information that came for that odd spiritual medium, for the notable Yvonne of Amaral Pereira, by Zilda Gama, for so many known noble mediums and unknown noblemen in his/her work of help.

Then if somebody prefers Apometry, get divorced of the Spiritism. It is a right! But it doesn't mix for not confusing. Our task is of lighting up, it is not of eliminating. The Spirit bad, perverse, cruel, is our brother in the ignorance."

The methods of the Apometry are quite shocking
for our spiritualistic mentality

In the final part of his speech, Divaldo was expressed like this:

"Could have anybody crueller than the youth Saul of Tarsus? He had murdered Stephen to blows with a stone, he had murdered other, and it was Damascus to murder Ananias. Jesus didn't put him in a space capsule and it shot him for the infinite. He appeared to him! It conquered him for the love: "Saul, why do Saul, pursue me?" Can it have larger tenderness in that? And him taken of fright asked: "What is this?". I am Jesus, that to who you pursue." And he then fell in itself.

Emmanuel uses this sentence: And falling in itself, he wants to say that layer of the ego gave up place to the encounter with the deep being, falling in itself. He woke up, and thanks to him we met Jesus for his word, for their fights, for the high price that paid, stoned several times even to be considered dead, played from behind of the walls in the places of the garbage, of the dejections he was rescued by the friends and it continued preaching.

Then the perverse Spirits deserve our compassion and no our rejection. Let us put ourselves in their place.” (…)

“We don't have anything against Apometry, the currents mental magnetic, those another of names very dactyls and pseudoscientific. We don't have anything. But as spiritists, we should take care of the Spiritist proposal. And of my spiritualist condition exercising the second sight there is more than 54 years, the results have been all picked of the tree of the love and of the charity. I won't enter in the merit of the methods, that are quite shocking for our spiritualistic mentality, that it doesn't admit ritual, gestures, shouting, nor certain behaviors, because the only force is that that comes from within. For this class of Spirits they are necessary fast and prayer."


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