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Year 2 - N° 60 - June 15, 2008


FELIPE DARELLA - felipe.darella@gmail.com

The Power and its
influential role

The sentence “power corrupts”, attributed to the English historian John Emerich Edward Dalberg, also known as Lord Acton, is always invoked when corruption is rife and abuse of power like the ones the committees have investigated in Brazil over the years.

The theory that the power has the capacity to corrupt is interesting, but, examined to the light of the doctrine of reincarnation, it shows facets not seen by the average observer. Power, wealth, social projections make up the list of the so-called probations the human being is subject to in his countless corporeal existences. The Earth is a modest and obsolete world, as classified by Spiritism in the general category of world of tests and atonements.

Atonements, as the word says for itself, are tests, similar to the ones the kids and teenagers have to face in their time at school, from kindergarten to college. As no one ignores, only is promoted to High School who took Elementary and got approved.

Being one of the most difficult tests presented to the human creature in his earthly experience, power can effectively fascinate and lead to fall all those who are not able to beat it. The same happens regarding all the tests. Wealth for example, is, among them, one of the hardest, as Christ himself warned to state that “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the Kingdom of God.

In an interesting message the reader can take a look at chapter II, second part, from the book Heaven & Hell, by Allan Kardec, the one who was called on Earth  as countess Paula, disincarnated at 36 in 1851, said:

“During many previous existences, I had passed through the trials of labor and of poverty that I had voluntarily chosen to strengthen and purify my soul; I had had happiness to emerge victorious from those trials, but I had still one more trial to undergo, the most perilous of all: that of earthly fortune, happiness without any mixture of grief and disappointment. There was my danger. Before subjecting myself to the severest of all trials, I desired to be strong enough to avoid all dangers of succumbing to its temptations. The Divine Master took account of my good intentions, and granted me the needed help in carrying them out. A great many spirits, seduced by appearances, hasten to choose the dangerous test of earthly prosperity, but, too weak and inexperienced, alas! To withstand its dangers they are vanquished by the temptations of the lot they have unwisely chosen.”

After the revelation contained in the message, the former countess Paula added:

“Like me, you will all of you, in your turn, have to undergo the trial of worldly prosperity, but do not be in haste to ask for it, lest you should attempt it too soon. And you who are rich, remember, at all times, that the true imperishable fortune, it is not upon the Earth; understand in what way you can earn the blessing of the Most High.”

From what we have shown, two things are clear:

1st. Power does corrupt, but only those immature creatures that are seduced by the social status and forget that life is short and nobody is on Earth on holiday.

2nd. The knowledge of the doctrine of reincarnation and the Divine laws that govern our life would do good to our politicians, who then would know that each action corresponds to a reaction of same intensity and opposite sense, it means, paraphrasing Jesus: “Who kills by the sword shall perish by the sword”.

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