Letter to the reader

Year 17 - 841 - September 17, 2023

Hug at the Lake is the highlight of the 23rd Londrina Municipal Peace Week

Within the events relevant to the 23rd Municipal Peace Week of Londrina and the Region, scheduled for the 23rd to 30th of September, the 15th Hug at the Lake for peace in the world will be held next Sunday, September 24th. The event will take place, as usual, at the well-known Lake Igapó, one of Londrina's tourist attractions, as shown by Angélica Reis in a report that is one of the highlights of this edition.

Another highlight is the interview given to us by the professor and spiritualist speaker Flávio Antonio Catalano, from Ibitinga (SP), the city in which he works at the Francisco de Assis Amor e Caridade Spiritist Center. With a master's degree in Italian Literature, he works professionally in the teaching field and stands out in the spiritist world for being a student of Emmanuel's work, one of the topics covered in his interview.

“The clash between nostalgia and modernity” is the theme of the Special written by our collaborator Anselmo Ferreira Vasconcelos, from São Paulo (SP). In the article, he comments on a recent publication made by Veja magazine regarding the feeling, which many have, that things were much better in more distant times, despite the extraordinary advances made in the technological field in recent decades.

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Director of Writing

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