Spiritism For Kids

By Marcela Prada


Theme: Moses


In a faraway country, called Egypt, many, many years ago, a boy was born, the son of a family of the Hebrew people.

The Hebrews had been enslaved by the Egyptian people, but they wanted their freedom and a place to live free and happily.

There was a prophecy that there would soon be born, among the Hebrews, the one who would be the leader of the liberation of his people.

The Egyptians did not want this to happen, so the Pharaoh, who was the ruler of Egypt, ordered the killing of all Hebrew babies who were born boys.

Knowing this, the boy's mother hid, for some time, the birth of her son, but she knew that she could not hide him forever. So, she had an idea to try to save him.

In Egypt, there is a river called the Nile and people went to bathe in that river, including the princess, Pharaoh's daughter.

The boy's mother placed him in a basket and left the basket floating in the Nile River, close to where the princess was.

Her plan worked. The princess found the basket, saw the baby, and adopted him. The baby was named Moses, which means “saved from the waters”.

The princess allowed Moses' mother to care for him and breastfeed him, as she wanted the baby to be healthy and comfortable.

Moses grew up and was educated in the Pharaoh's palace but maintained his connection with his people of origin.

When he grew up, he truly became the great leader who led the Hebrews away from slavery in Egypt.

The Hebrews walked in the desert for forty years. Many things happened during this period, but the most important thing is that Moses also became a religious leader and taught his people important teachings that are considered the first revelation of God's laws to humanity.

Moses received, through inspiration from the superior spiritual plane, ten commandments, which the Hebrews began to fulfill.

Before, there were no laws that made people respect each other, so attacks, robberies, deaths were common...

The laws brought by Moses said: “you shall not kill”, “you shall not steal”, “you shall honor your father and mother”, among other things...

By following the ten commandments, the Hebrew people acquired better beliefs and manners.

Moses also did not let his people reverence other gods, as was common at that time. He demanded that the Hebrews venerate one God and this was very important for the formation of their religion.

For having done all this, Moses is well remembered to this day. It's worth knowing a little about his history. 


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