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Year 15 - 761 - February 27, 2022

The Gospel at Home and the benefits it generates for those who do it

Our interviewee is Luiz Cláudio da Silva, from Santo André (SP), very well known in the Spiritist Movement for his efforts towards the dissemination of the Gospel in the Home. Currently retired, he is part of the team at the Spiritist Center Dr. Bezerra de Menezes, in his city, where he works in the Gospel Service at Home and in Spiritual Care. The interview, in which he tells us about the Gospel at Home and the benefits it generates, is one of the highlights of this edition.

Another highlight is the Special signed by our collaborator Rogério Coelho, entitled “Death and its problem”. In the article, he presents encouraging considerations made by Joanna de Ângelis and Léon Denis about death and its implications, reminding us that death is a simple change of state and a habitual phenomenon of life, from which no one escapes and, precisely because of this, this cannot be disregarded.

With a beautiful cover by the graphic designer Maria Líria Cortegoso, the e-book Life its chronicles, written by Cínthia Cortegoso, Portuguese language teacher, was published by EVOC – Editora Virtual O Consolador on Friday, the 25th. Spanish, English and Italian. Based in Londrina (PR), the author is a cultural collaborator of the Academy of Letters, Sciences and Arts of Londrina and is part of the writing team of the magazine O Consolador and EVOC.

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