Spiritism For Kids

por Marcela Prada


Theme: Happiness

Simon the monkey and happiness

Once upon a time there was a little monkey named Simon, who lived in a wooden house built on the top of a large tree.

One day, he heard someone talking about happiness. He was told that happiness was a wonderful feeling, but also it was very difficult to find.

Simon, who was curious, decided that he also wanted to find and feel that happiness.

So, full of disposition, he decided to go in search of it. Even if it took a while, it would be worth finding it

One beautiful morning, the little monkey put some fruit in a bag, closed his house and went out into the world to find happiness.

He passed a lake and saw a duck, with six ducklings. They swam after her, took little dips, refreshed themselves... Simon approached and asked the duck.

- Have you found happiness?

- No doubt! - she replied - Teaching my ducklings to swim and watching them develop is a great happiness for me.

Simon watched that family for a few more minutes, but he realized that the happiness of the duck and the ducklings would not be for him. So, he kept walking.

In a glade, the little monkey stopped to rest for a while. He lay down on the grass and there in the sky he saw a flock of swallows flying at speed. They did stunts, they flew up there, then lower... They looked excited and happy.

When they landed to rest in a tree, Simon climbed the branches and asked them:

- Swallows, do you find happiness when you fly together, as I´ve seen you doing just now?

- Yeah! Much happiness! - they replied - flying together is the most delicious thing in the world!

Soon after, they took off again and the fun restarted. The little monkey remained admiring the little birds for a while longer, but then he left, remembering that the happiness that the swallows experienced was not the same happiness he could find.

Simon walked all day.

Paying attention to the situations, he noticed that many animals were happy, but each one on its own way.

The alligator was very happy lying in the sun.

The dove was accomplished, hatching her eggs, in the nest she had built herself.

The bees were happy living in the hive and making honey.

The armadillo preferred to live alone in his den.

At the end of the day Simon was tired from walking so much. He was hungry too. He decided to return home.

When he arrived, he opened the door, saw his things, ate his favorite berries, lay down on his comfortable bed and thought.

"I'll call my friends tomorrow to come over to my house."

Simon felt a pleasant sensation and it was then that he realized that he was also happy. What he spent the whole day looking for, it was very close to him, in his way of living, with the conditions that God had planned for him.

The next day Simon woke up, opened the window, saw the beautiful leaves on the tree, stretched out his arm, picked some ripe berries, said good morning loudly, for all the birds and other little animals that were his neighbors to hear.

The little monkey didn't know before. But now he was aware that he was also very happy.

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