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Year 15 - 753- January 2, 2022

The adulteration of the books "The Genesis" and "Heaven and Hell" never occurred

This is the conclusion of the new research pertinent to the subject, as explained in an interview by the researcher and spiritist scholar Carlos Seth Bastos, from Jacareí (SP), the city in which he currently presides the Love to Jesus Spiritist Center. The much talked about adulterations of the two works by Allan Kardec, therefore, did not occur. The texts considered adulterated are, in fact, authored by Allan Kardec, as stated by our interviewee in the aforementioned article, which is one of the highlights of this edition.

Another highlight is the Special Spiritism and inclusion, authored by Maria de Lurdes Duarte, of the columnists of this magazine, based in Arouca, Portugal. In the article, she reminds us that the announced world of regeneration, in order to happen it, requires our participation. We are the ones who have to build it, step by step, gradually, with our efforts, with a change in attitudes and with the evolution of beliefs, convictions and mentalities.

It was founded in July 1991 by João Araújo, initially as a Day Care, EDUKAR - Allan Kardec Educational Institute, a project to support and educate children at risk, located in the Cristo Redentor neighborhood, in João Pessoa (PB), has celebrated 30 years of its activities in 2021, as journalist Carlos Barros, correspondent for our magazine in João Pessoa (PB), tells us in a special article that is also one of the highlights of this issue.


With this issue, we begin a new period of publications for our magazine, wishing a happy New Year, with peace and prosperity, to everyone who reads us and, in a special way, to our volunteers, friends and family.

  Astolfo O. de Oliveira Filho
Director of Writing

José Carlos Munhoz Pinto
Administrative Director


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