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Help for ted

Ted bear had many friends. Several animals in the forest liked him. But lately he was different, unhappy and dejected.

One day, Ted spotted a beehive in a tree and had the idea of ​​eating the honey from the bees. Not caring about the consequences, he began to shake the tree very hard.

Mrs. Pigeon, who was perched on a branch, got scared and flew off.

– Ted, what are you doing? Please stop it, I'm building a nest in this tree - said the dove in distress.

- Your will is no more than mine - Ted replied, without interrupting his attempt to bring down the hive.

Mrs. Pigeon was upset, but she couldn't do anything.

Other animals also asked Ted to stop. Nervous bees could sting someone, even a cub. The leaves and berries on the tree were already falling. They would be missed by animals hiding from the heat or getting feed there. The little monkeys and several birds that slept in that tree were afraid that he would knock it down. They also asked him to stop, but it didn´t help.

It was then that a huge roar startled everyone, including Ted. It was the Lion, the king of the animals, who had been hastily called.

– Stop it, Ted! – he said firmly – this tree is still young, it will grow a lot and will be important to many animals. You have no right to harm them, just to have some honey.

Ted stopped and looked down sheepishly. King Lion was known to be very wise and fair and for that reason he was highly respected by animals.

– Go home, Ted. We'll talk later - said the lion. And turning to the others he completed: Get back to your routines! The mess is over!

Everyone obeyed and tranquility returned.

The next day the king asks to call the pigeon and several of Ted's friends. The king agreed with them what they were going to do. Then the lion asks for the bear.

Ted felt very uncomfortable. He was sad and despondent. For sure, he would receive a scolding from the King Lion or even a punishment. But when he arrived at the meeting, Ted was received amiably by the king.

The bear sat in the place that was reserved for him and King Lion explained:

- Ted, I asked you to come here because we are realizing that you are not very well. We think you might be forgetting how much your friends like you, how good you are, the good things you've done, how much you care about other animals, and the things you've done to help them.

Ted was surprised. He expected that they would argue with him, but what happened was the opposite. One by one, Ted's friends told him what they liked about him. They praised him, without lying or exaggerating, just valuing his good side, which they knew well, having lived with him for a long time.

– Remember, Ted, when you went to the river to get water for me? I was sick with fever and thirsty! You cared about me, you helped me and I thank you for that! – said the armadillo.

– You're very excited, Ted. Remember how much fun we had at the forest get-together party last year? You made up the “Ted dance” and everyone was imitating you and dancing all night! It was the liveliest party we've ever had! – said the capybara.

– Ted, I like you a lot. We're not that close, but I know you're very polite. When I hatched my last eggs and hatched my babies, you greeted me, wished us well, and gave us such kind compliments that I was so fond of you. I wish you the best, always! – Mrs. Pigeon said, with sincerity.

Other animals also spoke and Ted was very moved. Tears welled up in his eyes and he started to cry. But it wasn't a cry of sadness. In fact, he felt like the sadness was coming out of him.

When Ted calmed down, he told them that in the heat and lack of rain these past few weeks, the flowers in the pots in his backyard, which he loved so much, had died. He hadn't remembered to water them. It made him very sad and guilty. And worst of all, the thought that he was no good had taken hold of his mind.

King Lion and friends talked to Ted. They helped him to understand that mistakes happen and that we have to accept that we are not perfect. But mistakes teach us too, and next time he wouldn't forget to take care of his flowers.

Ted understood his feelings and realized that he needed to get back to using his best side. He hugged and thanked each of his friends for the help they gave him.

And he returned to live happily and in peace.

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