Letter to the reader

Year 15 - 726 - June 20, 2021

100 Lessons of Jesus, from Eurípedes Kühl, the new e-book from EVOC

It was published on Tuesday, June 15th, the e-book 100 Lessons from Jesus is a gem, as it gives us 100 sentences spoken by the Master, detailing place, circumstance, to whom they were addressed, as well as the message itself. This is the 12th e-book published by EVOC – O Consolador Virtual Publisher authored by the medium and writer Eurípedes Kühl, from Ribeirão Preto (SP), as shown in a report by Angélica Reis, one of the highlights of this edition.

Another highlight is the interview given to us by Hélio Dias da Silva, born in Buriti Alegre (GO). Currently living in Uberlândia (MG), he participates and is a member of the Deliberative Council of the Allan Kardec Spiritist Union Christian Center and collaborator of the Web Rádio Fraternidade, where he is responsible for the production, editing and presentation of the program “Moment of Pray”, presented by Monday to Friday, at 6 pm.

“Horizontality’s Harangue” is the title of the Especial written by Rogério Coelho. In the article, he affirms that humanity lives in vain agitation and, therefore, gets lost in the confusion of nothing, "often caught in obsessive processes, discouraging before the vine tangle of purely materialistic cogitations with no room for meditations in the spiritual realm". And he asks: "How could thoughts of a spiritual order flourish on such an unfruitful ground?" The article is one of this week's highlights.

  Astolfo O. de Oliveira Filho
Director of Writing

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Administrative Director


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