Spiritism For Kids

por Marcela Prada


Theme: Good behavior

The hands

Julian was a very disobedient boy. He liked to play pranks, spoil other people's work, pull girls' hair and stuff like that. His mother used to hear complaints about his attitudes, both at school and with friends in the neighborhood.

One day, she saw Julian throwing rocks and realized that he was trying to hit the birds that landed in the yard.

She then called her son to talk:

– Julian, I'm worried about you.

– Why, Mom? I'm fine.

The mother then explained:

“Son, you are a strong and healthy boy, thank God! But in addition to being in good health, you need to learn some important things to be really well.

Do you know that God works in the world through us? Many things that are part of Divine Providence are accomplished through people who make themselves available to God, as his instruments to do good here on Earth. We can use our hands to do good things, or we can use them to thwart God's will.

Think about it, son, there are hands that build things and hands that destroy them. Hands that care and hands that hurt, hands that donate or steal, hands that clean or dirty, that protect or attack.

We can never be okay if we are acting against the Divine Laws. So I want you to think carefully about how you have been using the perfect, healthy body that God has given you. And I want you to strive to be His instrument in all your attitudes. From now on, I'll always help you remember that, okay?”

Julian noticed that his mother was serious and nodded.

- Very well, - she continued, - then come on! Let's get some pieces of bread for you to leave in the backyard. The birds that come to our house are looking for food and not stones. It may be that God wants to feed them and we are able to do that for our Father.

The boy found that conversation a little strange. He had never thought that way, but he obeyed. He threw several pieces of bread across the floor and then watched from afar. Several birds came. They ate and then flew away satisfied.

The other day, when Julian pulled his sister's hair, his mother made him apologize and give her hair a pat on the back. The boy didn't want to, but the mother insisted.

- Very well, son. - encouraged the mother - Your sister will be your companion for life. I want your hands to be kindness and affection towards her, and never one of aggression.

Again, the school asked the families to help to clean the school from the festivities of the end of the year. Julian and his mother helped a lot, picking up the papers from the floor, sweeping, cleaning the tables and collecting the decorations.

When they finished, the mother was a little tired, but Julian, who had a lot of energy, was not. In fact, he even had fun.

On the way home, Julian was feeling fine. He looked at his hands and said to his mother:

– Yeah… If God wanted the school clean, he used my hands a lot today!

– That's right dear, very well! – said the mother smiling.

She hugged her son, satisfied. He had understood the lesson.

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