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Year 14 - 713 - March 21, 2021

How are we going to be after the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Despite all the difficulties, the days of great apprehension and the thousands of victims that the coronavirus pandemic have caused, there are those who remain optimistic and understand that, once its course is over, we will come out of it better than before. This is what our interviewee, Luiz Julião Ribeiro, from the Federal District thinks. He was born in Mundo Novo (BA) and was raised since the age of three in Goiás, he participates in the Spiritist Society of Assistance and Study (SEAE), in Cruzeiro Novo (DF), and he is also a speaker and one of the collaborators of the Brazilian Spiritist Federation. The interview is one of the highlights of this issue.

Another highlight is the Special written by the psychologist and professor Almir Del Prette, from São Carlos (SP). In the article - entitled Science, Religion and Spiritism - he initially reminds us that, from the constitution of a field of knowledge called Science, his conflicts with Religion, about life and the universe, became frequent and shared now and then least by the literate world. And he adds: "These clashes did not always occur peacefully even when, as a precaution, some scientists made their allegiance to religious authorities public".

It was published last Monday, March 15, by EVOC – Virtual Publisher of The Comforter, another work by the well-known Spiritist scholar Paulo Neto. Entitled Umbral, is there a doctrinal basis to support it?, the book examines a theme - Umbral - which, as we know, it is still a controversial issue in the spiritist environment itself. The e-book, like all EVOC publications, does not have a printed format and can be read and downloaded for free, simply click here

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