Spiritism For Kids

por Marcela Prada


Theme: Judgment, cooperation

The friendly turtle

Once upon a time there was a very beautiful forest, where many animals lived. Tata, the turtle, had recently moved there and wanted to be friends with the other animals.

Tata was very pleasant and enjoyed company, but since she arrived, she had not been able to get close to anyone.

The other animals were not used to living with turtles and found strange their way. Tata was slow to walk and spoke slowly. So the conversation never went far.

The days passed and the summer soon came to an end. It was time for the puppies to go back to school. However, the heavy rains of the season left the school dirty and in need of some repairs. The owl, the school's principal, asked if the students' parents could help with this task.

So the rabbit looked for the fox and said:

- Mrs. fox, we need to arrange a date when we can do the school’s cleaning.

- Let's call the other animals too! - said the enthusiastic fox - Apparently, there is a lot of work to be done. But if everyone helps, it won't be too much for anyone.

The two agreed, then, the school should be cleaned the following Sunday and they made an appointment to meet in front of the school at nine o'clock in the morning.

- I’ll talk to the paca, the armadillo, the squirrel and the tapir - said the rabbit.

- And I'm going to call the duck, the chicken and the people who live near the pond - said the fox.

- And the turtle? - Asked the rabbit thoughtfully - Shall we call her or not?

- Whatever - replied the fox, laughing - With that slowness, she will not help anything at all.

- It is true! I've never seen so much debility! But I’m going to invite her, so nobody can say that we’re leaving her out.

Then they said goodbye and left. As agreed, they called the other animals in the forest to join the task.

On the day and at the appointed time, the rabbit, the fox and several other animals gathered in front of the school. The duck came running, clumsily, just in time. The armadillo overslept and was late, he sent a message saying he would go later.

- Well, I think whoever intended to come is already here. And the turtle, huh? She was so happy when I invited her. Now she didn't come! - Said the rabbit.

- Perhaps she's coming, but she won't be here until tomorrow - the chicken teased, laughing.

- Or maybe she said she would help just to please - said the squirrel suspiciously - She must know that she will not be able to help at all.

- I don't think she's coming - said the tapir - She doesn't even have puppies. Why would she help clean up the school?

 After these careless comments, the group finally entered the school to begin the service. It was then that they had a big surprise.

Tata, the turtle, was already in there working. She had already organized the cleaning available supplies, filled with water a few buckets and was finishing cleaning the windows.

She greeted the neighbors with a big smile and explained:

- Good morning guys! I arrived before... because you know... how I am... If I started... working together... with you... before I started... you would already... have finished! Now... at least the windows... I managed to clean.

The animals were speechless, looked at each other and just smiled at Tata.

They realized that they had misjudged her. They made mean comments about her without even knowing her well.

They thanked her in shame, but they were willing to retract and went to work too.

They washed, swept, wiped, cleaned chairs and tables and repaired some things. So, working together, in a few hours they finished and returned to their homes.

The school was ready to greet students when classes start.

Tata did not have puppies, but cleaning the school was still very important for her. It was by showing goodwill and cooperation that she gained the respect of her neighbors.

Many of them started to greet her with affection and to have the patience to talk slowly, enjoying her docile way of speaking. She became better known and loved.

Tata lived for a long time in the woods, collaborating with her friends whenever she could and living very happily.

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