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Year 14 - 709 - February 21, 2021

The importance of understanding and practicing the Christian morals

Niraldo Pulcineli, from Passos - MG, who has been living in Brasilia (DF) for many years, is our interviewee. Spiritist for about 40 years, he is a lecturer and active participant in the works developed by the Brazilian Spiritist Federation, in which he worked and has worked, among other activities, as monitor and coordinator of Youth Evangelization and exhibitor in seminars and pedagogical activities promoted by FEB. In his speech he says that today, more than ever, we need a lot to understand and experience the moral of Christ. The interview is one of the highlights of this edition.

Another highlight is the article The regret and its relationship with guilt and self-forgiveness, written by our collaborator Leonardo Marmo Moreira, one of the journalists in our magazine. In the article he notes that, although it is fundamental in the regeneration process of the human creature, repentance and its importance has been overlooked in many sectors of our movement and the word “regret” has rarely appeared in the titles of lectures, seminars and in most recent “lives”, so common these days.

Last Monday, the 15th, there was another anniversary of the disincarnation of Gabriel Delanne, a French author who is, alongside Léon Denis, Camille Flammarion and Ernesto Bozzano, among the elite spiritist writers whose books, the so-called Classics of Spiritism, the scholar of Spiritism cannot ignore it. His disincarnation occurred on February 15, 1926, a few weeks before he was 69 years old, as shown by Thiago Bernardes in a special article published in this edition.

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