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Theme: Don't Judge

A great lesson

There was an old savant named Al-Besan, in a city in Arabia. Men and women came from all neighboring countries and from all over their homeland to talk to him about various matters.

He listened to everyone with patience and, at the end, gave an opinion that was accepted as if it were a sentence from a judge.

One day two men came to him. One was dressed lavishly and his proud stature inspired confidence and respect. The other, on the other hand, with a silly and ragged appearance, caused restlessness and discomfort.

- Wise Al-Besan! - Said the rich man in fancy outfit, after the usual greeting - I met this man on the way. He was groaning and he looked hurt. I took him to my home and he stayed there for sixty days, having the best possible treatment.

The stranger paused and, noticing the sympathy and interest that his words caused in everyone around the savant, continued:

- Now he doesn't want to leave my house without me giving him a camel, thirty coins and a hundred date fruit.

Al-Besan was silent as the crowd murmured, agitated.

- He's an ungrateful and explorer! - someone said.

- There is no unjust man like that! - commented another.

- He was taken off from the road where he would have died of starvation and still intended to exploit his benefactor! - considered a third man.

But Al-Besan said:

- Silence! We will hear the guest's explanation - and, to everyone's amazement, he added: - I order you: speak! Now it's your turn!

The stunned Arab, making a salaam, said, humbly:

- Praise the heavens that I find justice! My name is Issar, the fool, and that is why I am never right. In fact, this man took me to his house and everything he said is true...

Another murmur from those present. It was incredible how rude the rascal was! How could Al-Besan admit such boldness?! That was what those who watched the scene thought, without getting excited.

- However, I had a camel and the camel stayed at his house. There were two hundred date fruit and sixty silver coins in the saddlebag,

At that point there was complete silence. Interest grew around Issar's narrative. And he went on, with a new Salaam:

- Wise Al-Besan! I am ready to leave thirty silver coins and one hundred date fruit for my treatment, but I want to take as much and my camel.

Issar was silent and everyone looked at the haughty Arab. He was bowed, ashamed. So, they were also ashamed of their rash judgment.

And the wise Al-Besan gave the sentence:

- This case is neither important nor difficult - he said - Issar will take the camel, the thirty coins and the hundred date fruit, and his benefactor will be well paid for the work he has done.

The audience was over. Al-Besan left the room to his private room and those who were out there meditated on the great lesson received.


Extracted from the book Conte Mais, vol. 4, FERGS.

Larissa Martine - larissa_am@hotmail.com


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