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Year 13 - 662 – March 22, 2020

Divaldo Franco: for 66 years present in Ponta Grossa, the Princess of Fields

On March 12th, Divaldo Franco returned for the 66th consecutive year to the city of Ponta Grossa – also known as the Princess of Fields – where he was interviewed by a local TV and answered many present questions; at night he spoke to a huge public in the 22ª State Spiritual Conference at the Princess of Fields Club. The event´s report is one of the spots of this edition, written by Paulo Salerno.

Another spot is the interview given by the confrere José Edson Colpas, founder and current president of the Spirit Centre Our Home, in Americana (SP). He is a company administrator and a businessman born in Botucatu (SP). He talks in the interview, among many items, the work at the institution he acts as president and he calls attention to the movement, according to him, it has been distorting the doctrine.

The reader will also see, on this edition, the second part of the article “Mechanisms of Mediumship according to Spiritism”, authored by the professor Alexandre Fontes da Fonseca. The author examines the mechanisms of spirit phenomenology based exclusively on the works of Allan Kardec, without taking into account what other authors have already written on the subject. Its first part was published on March 15th.

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