Spiritism For Kids

por Marcela Prada


Theme: God

Little John's replies

One spring morning, Little John and his mother went for a walk in the city park. Mama, looking at the sky, exclaimed:

- Look, Little John, see how beautiful the sky is! The clouds look like white lilies in a huge blue lake!

- It is really beautiful! - said Little John - But I think the clouds look like boats with white sails. Look at those, mother, out there, so little... Don't they look like sheep?

Mrs. Laura smiled at her son's comparisons. And she agreed with him, adding:

- Notice how the wind makes them move...

- The wind is the shepherd of the sheep in the sky, mother! - concluded the boy.

Mrs. Laura found Little John's conclusion interesting. The two continued to walk the alleys, admiring the flower beds.

- Listen, Mom! Hear how the bird sings.

- It's a Great kiskadee, son. Notice how he says: "kis-ka-dee"! " kis-ka-dee "!

- Funny! It looks like he's talking!

And the they were listening to the Great kiskadee singing.

Pointing at the flower beds, the mother asked:

- How many colors can you count there, my son?

- Purple, yellow, blue, orange... four, Mom.

Mrs. Laura complained:

- There is still one missing: the red one. Look at that rose on the other side. How many beautiful things we are finding! Things that God created.

- But how is God? ... I have never seen God!

At that moment, a little wind started blowing in the park, turning the vane that Little John had just bought. Mrs. Laura asked:

- Do you feel the wind, my son?

- Sure! I do, mom!

- Can you see him?

- No - he said, a little surprised. - Neither I nor anyone can see the wind.

Mom smiled and continued, with happy eyes:

- But do you notice what the wind do?

- Sure!... It shakes the flowers and leaves, turned my wind vane. It is everywhere.

Mrs. Laura commented:

- That's it. We can't see the wind, but we know it is everywhere and we always feel its presence, so...

Mom didn't complete the sentence, because Little John, very intelligent and very smart, said quickly:

- I got it! I already guessed everything, we don't see God, we don't know how He is... but we know that He is good, that He is everywhere and that He did all the beautiful things that we see today.

- Not only the ones we see today, but many others tell us about God's love and protection - added Mrs. Laura, completely moved.

And Little John, self-important, concluded:

- Well, we don't need to see God, to know that He exists and loves us very, very much, don't we, Mom?

It was then that he heard a voice and, looking back, saw his father, whom he had arranged to meet in the park. He ran to hug him and said:

- Dad, today I learned a lot of things about God. Do you want me to tell you?


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