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Year 13 - 657 – February 16, 2020

How the non-governmental organization Fraternity Without Borders emerged and which is its purpose

Ranieri Lima Dias, lives in Campinas (SP), is our interviewee. He is a civil engineer and has been spirit for 30 years; he integrates the team of the humanitarian organization

Fraternidade Sem Fronteiras (FSF) - or Fraternity Without Borders -

which he is the current vice-president. In the interview given, which is one of the highlights of the edition, he talks about organization´s origin and its activities, whose work focus on the poorest started in Mozambique, Portuguese native language, located in the poorest region in the world, Sub-Saharan Africa.

“The world must build bridges and finishes the walls”, this is the title of this week especial, written by the journalist and spirit speaker Máira Coelho Silva, spirit movement militant in Distrito Federal. In the article she writes about migrations in our orb, how it happens among the different nations and alleges that accept this process and its importance contributes to people to be more well-come and tolerant about the subject.

There were more than 300 people at the traditional Meeting with Divaldo Franco, at Hotel Jaraguá, in São Paulo (SP), February 7 to 9, organized by the Spirit Centre Bezerra de Menezes, of Santo André (SP). The theme of the meeting was “Empty lives” which was spoke by Divaldo. Our collaborator Djair de Souza Ribeiro tells us about it in an especial report with pictures of Edgar Patrocínio.

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