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Theme: Parable of the Prodigal Son

Son's return

In a very distant place, on a beautiful farm, the father and his two children lived together.

One day, the youngest, thinking he was working a lot on the farm and wishing to have more fun, said:

- Dad, I want the part of the inheritance that belongs to me. I want to enjoy life while I'm young.

The father, although upset, did the young man's wish. He gave him a lot of money, with which he left the farm to distant lands.

His bag full of gold attracted many interesting companies and false friends for whom the boy sponsored banquets, parties and expensive gifts.

The money, which in the beginning was a lot, was being consumed quickly until it ran out. Then when that happened the “friends”, kindness and comfort were gone.

The young man was surprised by a reality that he did not know. He began to experience needs of all kinds, including hunger.

Realizing, then, that the situation had changed, the rich farmer's son started looking for a job or some service that could at least guarantee him a meal.

However, times were difficult and the whole people was going through a period of scarcity. Therefore, the disappointed young man did not get any better service than being a pig keeper.

Dejected and hungry, when he saw the pigs' food, he wanted to eat it, but not even that bad-looking food that was given to the animals was offered to him.

At night, still hungry, he was unable to sleep. Very sad, he remembered his father and his home and thought: “My father never let his employees hungry. I am no longer worthy of being treated as before, as I disregarded the good life I had and furthermore wasted my father's money. But I will beg him to forgive me and accept me as the simplest of his employees. I will return to the farm”.

The next day the boy did what he had decided.

As he was approaching the farm, his father saw him from a distance.

Without waiting for his son to arrive, the father went to meet him on the way and threw himself into his arms, hugging and kissing him many times, with a heart full of joy for seeing his beloved son.

Upon noticing the boy's dirty and mistreated appearance, the father immediately called his servants, ordering him to bring him clean clothes and to feed him. Then he commanded to be hold a big party at the same night, to celebrate the boy's return.

The other son, who was working in the fields, when he saw the commotion of people, coming and going, wanted to know what happened and was informed, by the employees, of his brother's return and the party that would happen soon.

Without understanding his father's attitude, the eldest son went to look for him and asked:

- Dad, for me, I was always by your side, you never threw a party. But for my brother, who did what he had done, you are preparing such a celebration! By any chance, my father, do you approve of the actions he took? Should we celebrate for him?

The father then clarified:

- My son, it is true that you were always with me and everything that is mine is yours. You always shared of what I have better and luckily you never went through the needs your brother suffered for the wrong choices he made. I don't celebrate what happened before. I will only celebrate the fact that my beloved son has returned and that he is with us again.

Hearing his father's words, the brother understood his reasons and was also able to rejoice at the return of his brother.

In the evening, there was a big party and the three were back together and happy.


Text inspired by the parable of the Prodigal Son.

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