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Year 13 - 638 – September 29, 2019


Are we all mediums?

The sentence above is the title of the e-book published last Wednesday, September 25th by the EVOC – Virtual Publisher of The Comforter. Its author, Paulo da Silva Neto Sobrinho aims to solve a doubt that some spirits have about the subject with this book, showing us that mediumship is a human quality that all people have it, just in different level of perception in each one of us. The e-book can be downloaded for free. Just click here.

Valdenir de Paiva Baggio is our interviewee. He was born, where he still lives, in Pouso Alegre (MG). He works at the Spirit Centre Lord’s Vineyards in his hometown where he gives lectures and works at the mediumship area, he is still the ESDE and EADE monitor. He talks about the Project 412, a curious and inventive initiative that aims to disseminate in lectures the psychographed work by the medium Chico Xavier and, thus, encourage its reading.

Assisted Suicide is the theme of the Especial published in this edition. Authored by Katia Conceição and Lilian Rosendo, spirit writers settled in Brasília (DF), the article’s aim is to draw attention to the reflection on a practice that attracts more and more fans in the United States, Europe and also in the continent where we live in.

It happened from 19th to 22nd of September one more Fraternal Meeting with Divaldo Franco in many Brazilians states and also abroad. In Search of a Full Life was the theme of the event at Iberostar Praia do Forte Hotel. Our collaborator Paulo Salerno tells us about it in an especial report.

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